Election Fraud

Special prosecutor for election fraud needed NOW

Special prosecutor for election fraud needed NOW 1

Tolerance? Unity?

Tolerance is what liberals demanded from conservatives for the last 50 years. Tolerance for busing. Tolerance for abortion on demand. Tolerance for the LBGTQ agenda. Tolerance for riots, looting, crime. Tolerance for China ripping off the USA. Tolerance for U.N. globalism. Tolerance for American companies off-shoring manufacturing and then shipping those products back for sale in the U.S. Tolerance for illegal immigrants. Tolerance for ineffective public education. Tolerance for all things Black Lives Matter – including being painted on the street – more than blue lives or any other lives. Tolerance for affirmative action for 50 years – meaning jobs going to unqualified people, admission to colleges for unqualified people and quotas based on race. Tolerance for all the things that hurt average, working Americans.

And now those same liberals want conservatives to tolerate what happened in this election, to look the other way – for the good of America, for unity, for peace, for “healing.”

How much unity and peace did those liberals show America for the last four years? None. They opposed Trump from the first day he was elected with “resist,” “obstruct,” “impeach,” false accusations about Trump colluding with Russians to affect the 2016 election, 94% negative reporting about Trump by the media, riots in cities controlled by Democrats, and now election fraud and irregularities.

If conservatives buy this call for unity and tolerance by liberals, then conservatives just bought the biggest con job of all.

TRENDING: Lawsuit: Out-of-state vehicles brought tens of thousands of unsealed ballots to Michigan, all for Dems

Trump won the election. Anyone who watched what happened in the middle of election night knows that. Trump won. Five states that are run by Democrats simultaneously stopped reporting on their election totals for three hours and then mysteriously came back with new totals that showed Biden ahead. Those five states are in different time zones. Trump was ahead significantly in all five before the simultaneous “pause” in reporting. Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Nevada, Wisconsin and Michigan. All battleground states run by Democratic governors.

Democrats demanded a special prosecutor to investigate the bogus accusation of Trump colluding with Russians to affect the 2016 election. Liberals refuse to accept the results, that Mueller found no evidence to support that accusation. So who is going to investigate what happened with the elections in Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Nevada? Where is the special prosecutor/investigator who is outside of the control of Congress or the president who will investigate this, as Mueller did the Russia hoax?

My estimate is that Trump would have beaten Biden by more than 10% of the popular vote and won 75% of the Electoral College if these things had not happened:

1. Constant (94%) negative media coverage of Trump for four years, even with the incredible negotiations completed by the Trump team for peace in the Middle East and the incredible economy prior to the China virus.

Will justice ever be served regarding this month’s presidential election?

0% (0 Votes)

100% (1 Votes)

2. Software and machine election fraud.

3. Riots for several months prior to the election in cities controlled by Democrats.

4. Hundreds of millions of dollars donated by Soros, Bloomberg, Wall Street and big tech executives to Democratic campaigns. Is there any wonder why the Biden transition team is full of big tech folks?

5. Censorship by social media.

6. No real in-depth coverage of Biden’s role with his son concerning Burisma, China and Ukraine. According to exit polls, 36% of people who voted for Biden had no knowledge about any of it.

7. Biden was allowed to get away with lies with no challenge by the media or by the moderators at the debates concerning fracking, trade with China, his role with Hunter’s companies and abortion.

8. The hit job by Chris Wallace on Trump in the first debate.

9. COVID, COVID, COVID used nonstop by Democrats and liberals to drown out all the good results won by Trump for the economy, foreign relationships, American workers and Christians.

10. COVID was used by Democrat-run states as the excuse for the unsolicited mail out of ballots, which allowed for massive election fraud ballot-harvesting and destruction of ballots.

So what happens now? If conservatives capitulate to the cries by Democrats for unity and tolerance, to look the other way about how the election transpired and how they treated Trump for four years, then conservatives are compounding their mistakes of tolerance for the last 50 years.

Tolerance? Unity? Not until these election irregularities are all investigated by a special prosecutor! Attorney General Bill Barr needs to appoint one now who cannot be fired by Biden.

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Election Fraud
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