‘Squad’ member Tlaib says Dems try too hard to appeal to white voters, says ‘I can’t be silenced’

‘Squad’ member Tlaib says Dems try too hard to appeal to
white voters, says ‘I can’t be silenced’ 1

WASHINGTON, DC – Democratic Michigan State Representative Rashida Tlaib is upset that some Democrats have blamed the Progressive movement for failing to see the “Blue Wave” that was predicted. 

Now, she is vowing that she will not be silent.

For months, Americans were told to expect a “Blue Wave” as a result of the election.  Members of the media and the Democratic party held onto the hope that a large number of Republican representatives would be voted out of office. 

This did not happen as predicted.

Democratic leaders have had to look internally to understand why they were not favored as much as they thought Americans favored them.  Some blame Republican ads that have painted members of their party as ultra-liberal and against the police as the culprit. 

Others blame the Progressive movement as the cause for the discrepancy.

During a conference call in which Democratic leaders discussed the issue, blame was focused on the overwhelming support for the Black Lives Matter movement and the push to defund police departments. 

Something that Tlaib says is wrong.

Tlaib places blame on fellow Democrats who only want to appeal to white voters.  Tlaib said that she will not be silent in her beliefs, even if that means losing voters.

Progressive groups allege that Democrats are playing into what they refer to as “divide-and-conquer racism.” 

In a memo that was obtained by Politico, they said:

“As we speak, Congressional Democrats are debating why they underperformed and some have been quick to blame progressives. 

There is no denying Republicans levied salient rhetorical attacks against Democrats, but these will continue to happen as they do every cycle. 

“We cannot let Republican narratives drive our party away from Democrats’ core base of support: young people, black, brown, working class, and social movements who are the present and future of the party…

“Despite an obvious preference by Democratic leadership to focus on the suburbs and former Republican votes rather than working-class communities of color, progressives like Stacey Abrams, Rep. Omar and Rep. Rashida Tlaib are showing us – through turnout results in their states and cities – where Democrats must invest to build the party…

“The lesson to be learned from this election cannot and should not be to lean into racist resentment politics, or back away from the social movements that pushed Democrats to power. 

If Democrats cower from the national conversation sparked by the Black Lives Matter movement, then the only ones left owning this space will be the GOP.”

Tlaib also echoed this sentiment when she said:

“We’re not going to be successful if we’re silencing districts like mine.  Me not being able to speak on behalf of many of my neighbors right now, many of which are black neighbors, means me being silenced.  I can’t be silenced.

“We are not interested in unity that asks people to sacrifice their freedom and their rights any longer.  And if we truly want to unify our country, we have to really respect every single voice. 

“We say that so willingly when we talk about Trump supporters, but we don’t say that willingly for my black and brown neighbors and from LGBTQ neighbors or marginalized people.”

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October 2, 2020

This editorial is brought to you by a former police chief and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

ST. LOUIS, MO- For those of us who work or have worked in the criminal justice system, the current crop of “progressive” prosecutors presents a huge problem.

In cities from Boston and Philadelphia to St. Louis and San Francisco, prosecutors or district attorneys who were helped into office with George Soros money are turning the system on its head. And that isn’t a good thing.

In a report on ABC’s Nightline, the outlet examined some of the “new generation” of “law enforcement” officials.

Kim Gardner is the circuit attorney in St. Louis.

If you don’t remember who she is, she’s the one who charged a St. Louis couple, the McCloskey’s, when they defended themselves from “peaceful” protesters who broke into their property a few months back in the midst of the George Floyd riots, er protests.

Apparently considering herself somewhat of a poet, she spoke to ABC about “trying times.”

“It’s a trying time we have right now. We have people dying because of this pandemic we are in. We have people suffering. And we had a pandemic in the city of St. Louis prior to COVID-19. It’s hopelessness,” Gardner said.

That hopelessness is of course because of the police.

On the day of the interview for Nightline, she was meeting with some constituents outside a neighborhood community center. Gardner was there to discuss crime.

St. Louis is one of the most violent cities in the country, and homicide levels are at a 20-year high. She noted that the city is 50% white, yet 75% of people arrested in the city are people of color.

Common sense would dictate if that’s the case, people of color offend at a higher rate than whites, which has been backed up repeatedly by FBI Uniform Crime Report statistics.

Gardner doesn’t like the police, that much appears to be clear. She noted that she lived in North City for her entire life. She noted:

“We continue to have the same narrative [that] more police, more incarceration, makes our city safe. We’ are not saying we’re not for police. But what we are saying is we need to start addressing the root causes of what drives individuals to any system.”

You’ve heard of “The Squad,” correct? You know, the extreme left members of Congress who are trying to fundamentally change the country? Well let’s just call this “DA Squad,” which is a group of far-left progressives that have managed to insert themselves into district attorney and prosecutor’s offices across the US. They are trying to accomplish the same thing.

Gardner said so-called “broken systems” are what pushed her into public service.

Jamila Hodge is the director of the Reshaping Prosecution Program at the Vera Institute of Justice. She said that:

“…people who are closest to the problem are closest to the solution. It literally is flipping the role of a prosecutor on its head.

What we have seen traditionally are prosecutors…run on these very punitive platforms. Increasingly we’re learning that the system is not working.”

In Boston, Suffolk County DA Rachael Rollins is part of the “progressive DA Squad,” and refers to Gardner and other female DA’s down for the revolution as “sisters” in the fight. Rollins told Nightline that she was “really tired” of continually hearing about “deadly confrontations between police officers and ‘overwhelmingly, black males.’”

“People were losing their lives. And that does not necessarily mean one is right and one is wrong. But there was just too much of a pattern,” she said.

“I just one day said, ‘I’m gonna stop yelling at my television, and I’m gonna shut up, and I’m gonna run for office. And I’m gonna change the system from inside,’” Rollins said.

When she ran for office, Rollins pledged to stop prosecuting nonviolent crimes from 15 categories where she claimed “the people have a substance use disorder, mental health issues, food or housing insecurity, or are homeless.” In other words, they had a reason to shoplift or commit other crimes, you see?

Among strategies she has are diversion programs and eliminating cash bail.

Unlike some of her counterparts, Rollins doesn’t say the criminal justice system is “broken.” Rather she says it works exactly how it was designed to work. She also believes that the system is rigged for the privileged.

“Wealth is the biggest thing that benefits you in this system. Irrespective of race, gender, national origin, anything. If you can pay, you get a better outcome,” Rollins said. “I’m just saying, ‘Let’s let everyone have the same experience in the criminal justice system.’”

Historically, prosecutors and the criminal justice system have been oriented toward victims, whereas in the case of Gardner, Rollins and progressives, the criminals seem to be a priority instead. Rollins however doesn’t think that’s “mutually exclusive.”

“The violent crimes that we see: One day the person is a victim, one day, the person is a defendant,” she said.

Last year, Attorney General Bill Barr took prosecutors such as Gardner and Rollins to task for their soft on crime approach.

“There is another development that is demoralizing to us in law enforcement and dangerous to the public’s safety. That is the emergence in some of our large cities of district attorneys that style themselves social justice reformers,” Barr noted.

“These cities are headed back to the days of the revolving door of justice and the results are going to be predictable: more crime and more victims.”

Police were on to Rollins before she was even sworn in. She noted that the National Police Patrolmen’s Association had filed a complaint against her before she even took office.

Rollins clearly doesn’t care for police and pretty much downplays their concerns. She claims the reason police are not happy with how she’s running her office is because they are “deeply invested in a system working exactly the way that it does, because it benefits them and their family.” Tone deaf or what?

Meanwhile Gardner makes the claim that the DA’s are tough on crime but also “smart on crime.”

“We believe in addressing root causes. Because we believe in investing in people. Because we believe in looking at how we can deal with broken systems and correcting wrongs. Then we’re fair,” she said.

“That’s simply our job to be fair…fair for everyone. We uphold the Constitution and laws and equal justice under the laws and that’s our job.”

Clearly the approach Rollins and Gardner take toward their jobs has created a rift between them and the law enforcement agencies with whom they work. However, they both take it a step further.

Following the lead of another “progressive” DA, Baltimore’s Marilyn Mosby, the two have created so-called “police watchlists,” where they list police officers whom they believe have “credibility problems” as potential witnesses for the prosecution.

When you have the ability to take someone’s life from liberty, you have to be credible and trustworthy. We make sure that individuals that are under any type of investigation will not bring any type of charges to our office for a review,” Gardner says.

“We understand that how we police in communities affect[s] the whole criminal justice ecosystem. It affects when we have these violent instances, when people don’t come forward, it’s because of the strained relationship with law enforcement. We have to look at how we as law enforcement, I’m included in that, can build trust, heal the divide with the community.”

Gardner, in fact, took it so far as to file a federal lawsuit against the city of St. Louis and the police union, claiming a coordinated, racist conspiracy to boot her from office.

The business manager of the St. Louis Police Officer’s Association called Gardner’s suit “the last act of a desperate woman who is simply trying to silence her critics. We will not be silenced.”

Gardner’s critics called her suit frivolous and called it an attack on the police. Thankfully a judge saw it the same way and dismissed the suit this past week.

Not surprisingly, black female (or who identify as female) prosecutors came to Gardner’s defense, with disgraced Baltimore DA Marilyn Mosby saying, “Every prosecutor here has had similar experiences to Kim.”

Cute how they have their own little club going.

“We have unprecedented attacks that we all face,” Gardner whined. “People will go out [of] their way to demonize us. People will go out of their way to actually want to cause us physical harm. We use that support with each other to encourage us to fight another day, because it’s not about us. It’s about the people. It’s about doing the right things.”

Gee, one almost has to feel sorry for them…almost, but not quite.

Of course, they claim that this is about race…because it’s always about race, right?

Hodge said, “For that power not to be in the hands of white men where it has traditionally been…a lot of this has to do with the fact that this power has now shifted to someone who does not look like the traditional power holders.” 

“These are people who do not look like the leadership of our police unions, the leadership of most of the police departments, who do not look like what most of our judges on the benches look like, who are different and who bring a different viewpoint and a different understanding and then aren’t just bringing that, but are willing to act on it.”

Gardner said, “When you invest in people, that’s how you heal communities that need healing and respect the most. When you invest in more programs to address the hopelessness, the helplessness that we see, that’s the long- term violent crime solution. That’s doing the hard work.”

In Gardner’s case, the long-term violent crime solution appears to be letting criminals out of jail without charging them.

In June, Gardner released all of the rioters and looters involved in violent riots in the city of St. Louis post-George Floyd. This after four St. Louis police officers were shot, and retired SLPD Captain David Dorn was gunned down on the street in cold blood.

But hey, that apparently addresses the “hopelessness and the helplessness.”

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