Stacey Abrams Is Just As Much A Vehicle For Turnout As She Is Governor Of Georgia

Stacey Abrams Is Just As Much A Vehicle For Turnout As She
Is Governor Of Georgia 1

Imaginary Georgia Gov. Stacey Abrams is somewhat of a folk hero in the Democratic Party, and by extension, a heroine to the liberal media becoming increasingly addicted to the bizarre trend of lionizing progressive losers.

As the final votes came in from Georgia showing former Vice President Joe Biden on track to be the first Democrat to claim the state since 1992, an outpouring of praise came blaming Biden’s major southern victory and likely four years in the White House on Abrams flipping the state into the Democratic column.

The New York Times credited Abrams with registering 800,000 residents to vote.

Bloomberg followed suit, highlighting Abrams’ efforts to re-engage voters the paper deemed had been disenfranchised.

The Huffington Post lauded Abrams’s work driving up turnout among minorities.

“Experts say Black voter turnout in Georgia during the 2020 election likely broke records,” read captions of a three-minute video, only for the unnamed “experts” to be shown completely off.

According to a subsequent analysis of updated voter data from The New York Times Tuesday, the black share of Georgia’s electorate fell to its lowest level since 2006.

The race in Georgia, the Times explained, was decided primarily by demographic changes in the suburban ring surrounding Atlanta, where Biden outperformed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton among wealthy and well-educated suburbanites.

“In the center of the ring,” the Times wrote, “are majority black precincts on the south side of the Atlanta metropolitan area, where Mr. Biden made no gains.”

While Democrats increased their share of white, well-educated, high-income suburban voters from 2016, Republicans increased their share of votes from precincts that were Hispanic or more than 80 percent black.

Abrams, however, had no problem taking credit for Biden’s big win, which he claimed by a razor-thin margin of less than 15,000 votes. A recount is expected to wrap up this week.

“My heart is full,” Abrams wrote as Biden took the lead the week of election day.

It doesn’t matter if Abrams was effective in making Georgia competitive this election cycle. Just as they propelled the losing 2018 gubernatorial candidate in the presidential veepstakes, despite never being a serious contender, the same legacy outlets catapulting her to fame will now try to land her a prominent post in an incoming Biden administration.

If she fails to capture that, Abrams is already reportedly gearing up for a second shot at the governor’s mansion in 2022. And the media will love it.

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