Steven Crowder says this is why more than 150-thousand Michigan votes could be suspect

Steven Crowder says this is why more than 150-thousand
Michigan votes could be suspect 1

Steven Crowder presented exclusive election results data from the Wayne County, Michigan, website and exposed what he believes resulted in more than 150-thousand votes being cast by anonymous voters.

In order to certify election results, votes are reconciled by verifying that the number of ballots cast in each precinct matches the number of registered voters in each precinct. This year, COVID-19 related health concerns prompted many voters to cast their votes by mail. With the high volume of mail-in votes cast, Wayne County election officials established vote counting centers where all mail-in ballots were tallied.

According to Crowder, mail-in ballots that were counted at vote counting centers rather than precinct polling stations were unable to be counted against the total number of registered voters.

Crowder said that Wayne County’s website showed thousands of mail-in votes were cast by non-registered voters. Therefore, Crowder believes that based on public records, it’s impossible to see the total number of ballots cast in each county precinct because those ballots were tallied in separate centers and not logged against the precinct’s voter registration.

“There is no way to know [accurate results] without knowing the total registered voters,” Crowder said.

Here’s Crowder with the breakdown.

EXCLUSIVE: Michigan’s IMPOSSIBLE 173K Anonymous Votes!? | Louder With Crowder


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