SUSPICIOUS: Late Night VA Ballot Drop Accounts for 73% Of All Biden Votes In Fairfax County

SUSPICIOUS: Late Night VA Ballot Drop Accounts for 73% Of
All Biden Votes In Fairfax County 1

In Virginia on election day of last year, 300,000 Biden votes were counted in a series of five suspicious late-night ballot drops. One of those dumps accounted for 73% of all Biden votes in that Fairfax County.

As Americans reel from the unanswered questions regarding the credible accusations of widespread voter fraud that many believe led to the theft of the 2020 US election, as well as the first month of Joe Biden’s regime in the White House, Virginians have more questions than answers about what occurred, in the dead of night, on election day in their state.

The Gateway Pundit has uncovered a pattern in Virginia, among other states, which they have named the “Drop and Roll.” Fairfax County, Virginia was one of the counties that received one of the five suspicious 300,000 vote late-night ballot drops, according to the report. 

“After some more work, we have located the Congressional Districts that include Fairfax County in their results.  This is where more than 300,000 votes were recorded for Biden late that night.  There were actually 5 entries – in and out and in and out and in – netting to more than 308,000 votes for Biden and only 79,000 votes for President Trump – an 80/20 ratio.”

As a result of the 308,000-vote ballot dump, Joe Biden appeared to have defeated President Donald Trump by a margin of 80% in Fairfax County, vastly and suspiciously outperforming failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

For context, here is Joe Biden’s margin of victory in Fairfax County in the 2020 election when only accounting for Trump and Biden votes:

VA-8, 74% to 26% 

VA-10, 65% to 35% 

VA-11, 72% to 28%

Here is Hillary Clinton’s margin of victory in Fairfax County in the 2016 election:

VA-8, 68% to 25% 

VA-10, 56% to 37% 

VA-11, 66% to 27%

Amid countless other examples of evidence of widespread mass voter fraud in the 2020 US election, Americans are questioning where these late-night votes came from, and why there haven’t been calls for a forensic review of the ballots.

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