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Team Trump drops Arizona legal challenge, shutters voter fraud hotline

Team Trump drops Arizona legal challenge, shutters voter
fraud hotline 1

When the Associated Press and Fox News called Arizona for former Vice President Joe Biden, President Donald Trump’s staff and re-election campaign criticized the prediction, saying it was too early for such a call and guaranteeing the the president would ultimately win the Grand Canyon state and its 11 Electoral College votes.

The campaign and its supporters alleged voter irregularities, including the improper rejection of in-person votes in Maricopa County, and sought a court remedy.

But Friday morning, the Wall Street Journal reported the campaign has conceded that Arizona will never be flipped to the president’s column.

The Journal reported that Trump campaign attorneys said they are no longer asking a court to intervene in the presidential race in Arizona. Trump’s campaign realized and admitted that the few number of ballots at stake — approximately 200 — would have no impact on the results of the election. Biden currently leads Trump by 11,000 votes.

From the Journal:

At a daylong hearing Thursday, Kory Langhofer, an attorney for the Trump campaign, made clear the campaign wasn’t alleging any voter fraud but instead claimed some poll workers submitted ballots that had errors that voters weren’t given the opportunity to fix. The number of votes at issue was less than 200, and Mr. Langhofer said at the close of the hearing that they wouldn’t ask election officials to recount those ballots if they had no ability to affect the outcome of the race.

Langhofer told the court, “Since the close of yesterday’s hearing, the tabulation of votes statewide has rendered unnecessary a judicial ruling as to the presidential electors,” the paper reported.

Voter fraud hotline closing up shop

Team Trump is reportedly shutting its voter fraud hotline. ABC News’ Ben Siegal reported that the campaign is making the move after getting inundated with prank and spam calls.

“The Trump campaign is discontinuing its voter fraud hotline — the one flooded with pranks calls — and planning to downsize its staff beginning next week,” Siegal tweeted.

The decision comes following a slew of prank calls to the hotline, CNN said, adding that the voter fraud alert system has been changed to a website where people can submit allegations of fraud using a web form.

Gerald Rivera: Trump a ‘realist’

Fox News personality and longtime Trump friend said that he and the president had a “heartfelt” conversation Friday during which the president vowed to “do the ‘right thing'” when all of the election fallout is over should he lose.

According to Rivera, the president wants to see “what states do in terms of certification” and remains “committed to fighting for every vote.”

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