Ted Cruz goes after Chris Cuomo in Twitter spat over election aftermath: 'Hush child'

Ted Cruz goes after Chris Cuomo in Twitter spat over
election aftermath: 'Hush child' 1

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz has been one of President Donald Trump’s staunchest supporters in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election.

Cruz has supported Trump’s efforts to fight voter fraud and arguments about ensuring the election was conducted fairly since the media declared former Vice President Joe Biden the winner and next president of the United States.

In Friday’s episode of his podcast, “Verdict with Ted Cruz,” the senator reiterated his point that President Trump is within his rights to seek recounts and contest ballots and not recognize Biden as the victor until the election has been officially decided.

On Tuesday, Cruz posted a clip of his show to Twitter in which he pointed out the obvious, something that is apparently a “radical proposition” to the left: “Elections are decided when the results have been counted and the legal proceedings are over.”

“That didn’t use to be a controversial proposition,” the senator added.

Cruz’s statement of the obvious did not sit well with CNN host Chris Cuomo.

“Wrong,” Cuomo declared in a response to Cruz’s video.

“You have been empowering the notion that there are problems with the count that justify delaying transition in the middle of figuring out how to distribute a vaccine in a pandemic,” he continued. “Own it…because the position owns you and will be remembered.”

Cruz, a non-sufferer of fools, responded to Cuomo with a brief, cutting tweet: “Hush child.”

This set off the man known for having a bit of a temper and a penchant for threatening people who displease him.

Cuomo responded to Cruz’s admonition by bringing up Cruz’s recent spat with Ohio Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown over the latter’s “fake virtue” signaling over face masks.

“Says the man who called a senator an ‘ass,'” Cuomo wrote. “Senator, you have people on lines for food in your state. Focus on them…on those children. Every day you delay relief the line grows. #DoYourJob”

Cruz replied by noting that he and his fellow Republican senators have, indeed, been working on COVID relief but the Democratic Party has been standing in the way.

“In the past 2 months, we’ve voted TWICE on $500 billion in COVID relief. Both times, Senate Dems filibustered the bill,” Cruz said.

“You should call on your own party to stop blocking relief,” he continued. “EVERY SINGLE Dem voted to filibuster.”

The Texas senator then responded with a recommendation that perhaps Cuomo should focus on doing his own job: “I suspect you never reported on that fact to your viewers.”

(H/T: New York Daily News)

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