Texas Democrats Consider Running Away From Texas In Desperate Bid To Stop Election Integrity

Texas Democrats Consider Running Away From Texas In
Desperate Bid To Stop Election Integrity 1

Texas Republicans are fighting to pass Election Integrity bills in the Lone Star State to prevent mass mail-in voting fraud and drive-thru voting fraud. Election Integrity is the subject of discussions Saturday at a special legislative session, and it is expected to pass the Republican-controlled legislature and get signed into law. So the Democrats are getting desperate. Some Democrat lawmakers might try to literally flee from the state of Texas to prevent the House and Senate from having enough votes to get it done. (AUDIO: Biden Campaign Oversaw Theft Of Living And Dead Identities For Absentee Ballots In 2020 Election).

Democrats previously walked off the floor of the House before a voting deadline, which delayed an election integrity bill’s inevitable passage. So Republican Governor Greg Abbott de-funded the legislature and forced the Democrats to return for a special session. Republicans want to ban drive-thru voting and 24-hour voting and impose voter ID mandates on Vote By Mail. But will Democrats keep doing their “Running Away” bit? They would have to convince 55 of their 67 House members and 11 of their 13 state senators to run in order to shut the vote down.

The New York Times stated: “The issue dominated internal discussions on video calls among Democrats in the Texas Legislature this week as lawmakers began a special session, with an aggressive group of progressive members pushing for a repeat of the dramatic late-night walkout that ended the regular session in late May. The walkout denied Republicans a quorum and blocked a vote on the elections bill in the final hours…The conundrum for Texas Democrats is that even if they flee the state to prevent the passage of a raft of new voting restrictions, it would most likely be only a temporary maneuver. The special session that began Thursday can last up to 30 days…The faction of Democrats lobbying to flee the state are arguing in internal conversations that doing so would bring a renewed spotlight to voting rights in Texas, according to more than half a dozen Democratic lawmakers with knowledge of the discussions…”

I REPORTED FOR NATIONAL FILE ON MAY 31: Some Texas House Democrats walked off the legislative floor Sunday night to temporarily block passage of the Election Integrity Protection Act, Senate Bill 7, that passed the state Senate 18-13. House majority Republicans had to adjourn the session at the midnight deadline as a result of the Democrat shenanigans. But Republican governor Greg Abbott says the bill will head to a special session, where it is almost guaranteed to pass. After a long brutal fight, it looks like Texans are going to beef up their election security in a similar manner to Georgians, who recently passed an election protection law in their state.

The Election Integrity Protection Act bans drive-thru voting like the kind that led to massive fraud allegations in Houston linked to the Joe Biden campaign’s Texas political director Dallas Jones (which I busted prior to Election Day), and seeks to make the scourge of mail-in voting less prevalent. Democrats are determined to flip Texas blue at some point in the forseeable future.

Democrats have been trying to stop the election protection bill like a bunch of petulant children. Senate Democrats talked for more than 7 hours to drag out the voting process before the bill passed the Senate, and when the bill went to the House the leftists pulled their coordinated walk-out stunt. Chris Turner, the Democrat chair in the House (who is also trying to get an investigation going into Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton for speaking at the legendary anti-election steal rally in Washington, D.C. on January 6) plotted the walk-out by sending a text to Democrat members with the following message: “Members take your key and leave the chamber discretely. Do not go to the gallery. Leave the building.”

I reported on Harris County, Texas during the 2020 election, and got Biden’s Texas political director fired and interrogated by the FBI:

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