Texas Democrats’ COVID-Infected Resistance Is Defeated As Election Law Passes State House

Texas Democrats’ COVID-Infected Resistance Is Defeated As
Election Law Passes State House 1

Texas Democrats’ attempts to stop a Republican-led effort to secure elections in the state came to an official end this week when the state House advanced the bill 79-37.

For weeks, the state House Democrats paraded around Washington, D.C., more than 1,000 miles away from their constituents to stall a return to their duties in the state legislature. During that time, several of the tantrum-throwing, vaccinated lawmakers contracted COVID-19 after partying on a maskless flight out of the Lone Star State.

They also likely infected several Nancy Pelosi and White House aides during their protests in the nation’s capital city, where the Biden administration openly praised their demonstrations.

“I applaud them standing for the rights of all Americans and all Texans to express their voice through their vote, unencumbered,” Vice President Kamala Harris said.

The Democrats first fled the state in July as a last-ditch attempt to protest a GOP bill that was reintroduced in a special session by Republicans who wanted more election security for mail-in ballots, including voter ID. Many of them took to social media to explain that their swift exit from the state on private jets was a “sacrifice” in their fight against “voter suppression” that they claim was orchestrated to oppress minorities.

Now that legislators met a quorum to advance the bill, the legislation will either go to the state Senate for a vote, which previously passed a separate version of the legislation, or will go through conference committee to undergo changes.

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, who strongly opposed the Democrats’ partisan scheming, pledged to sign the election integrity bill into law after it makes its way to his desk.

“Election integrity is being debated on the House floor today. This legislation will make our elections process fair & uniform. Thank you @SenBryanHughes & Rep. Murr for fighting to make it easier to vote & harder to cheat. I look forward to signing this bill into law,” Abbott tweeted.

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