Texas Voter Says Media ‘Should Not Make the Decisions for Us’

Texas Voter Says Media ‘Should Not Make the Decisions for
Us’ 1

AUSTIN—Anna rallied in protest of election fraud with a sign that read “Latinos for Trump,” because she believes the president takes to heart the founding concept that the government is for the people.

“He’s fought hard for us and we’re here to fight hard for him,” she said at a Stop the Steal rally in Austin, Texas on Nov. 21, 2020.

She believes there was election fraud, and that this election has been stolen, largely by the media.

“I believe it’s been happening for a long time but this country hasn’t stood up to look into it and see the things that are happening in the background. And I think because he’s [Trump’s] not a politician, he’s a businessman, he’s had the capability to do what the Americans have been asking to have done for a very long time, because he’s here not as a politician, but an advocate for the American people,” she said.

The media have largely not exposed the fraud but instead muddled things for Americans, she added.

“They’re all part of the corruption in the United States. They’re all involved and they don’t want us to know, and the more people don’t understand what’s going on, then they won’t be found out,” she said.

But Trump exposed this, and more people do their own research now, she said.
“We look into what the media isn’t telling us, we look into what our senators have put out there, we do our research,” she said. “The media should put all the facts out there, all that’s been said on both sides, and we as Americans should investigate for ourselves, should look into it ourselves and then make the decisions. They should not make the decisions for us. And I think that’s what they’re doing.”

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“How they begin to take over citizens minds. Next thing you know, you don’t have the government you thought you had,” he said. “So this is important, and the whole world is praying.”

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