Texas Voter Says Trump Won Huge Minority Vote Because of Anti-Socialist Stance

Texas Voter Says Trump Won Huge Minority Vote Because of
Anti-Socialist Stance 1

AUSTIN—Laura Lozano Zuniga was deeply disappointed election night, when votes dragged on into the small hours and suddenly leads reversed, before news media joined in on saying the election was called and over.

On Nov. 14, 2020, Lozano Zuniga joined at a Stop the Steal rally in Austin, Texas, one of many rallies happening across the country that day, to support President Donald Trump, who she believes won the election despite it being called by many media outlets.

“I love Trump, I love what he said that socialism is never going to be part of the US and that is a big deal,” said Lozano Zuniga, who is originally from Mexico. “People don’t even understand what socialism is.”

Nationalizing industries is socialism, she said. Mexico in the 1940s was on its way to socialism by doing just that, she explained, where free health care sounded good in theory but deteriorated quality in practice and soon you saw doctors and lawyers driving taxis because they could make more money as drivers than as doctors and lawyers, or, worse, as her peers saw, by joining the rising cartels and selling drugs and ultimately getting killed.

It was no surprise to Lozano Zuniga that Trump won many minority votes this year.

“We want jobs. We want freedom. That’s what we want, that’s what we came here for. We don’t care for the government getting into our business. We want the government as far as possible, we don’t want the government telling us exactly what to do,” she said. “I think we’re smart, we’re intelligent, we can make our own decisions.”

“We’re not stupid because we’re brown, we’re very intelligent and we can make our own decisions,” she said.

Socialism only leads to communism, Lozano Zuniga added. “And I think that if they take America they’re going to take the whole world, I mean that’s my opinion,” she said. People she knows who came from Venezuela echo her sentiments.

She was working in financial marketing in Mexico during the 2008 economic crash, she explained, and saw how much America’s crash sent shockwaves through Mexico’s economy.

“When America gets a cold, Mexico gets pneumonia,” she said. “And that’s what people don’t understand, what happens here, if the economy goes bad here, what happens in South America is going to be worse. If you want to be nice, if you love other races, other countries, if you want to not be selfish, we need to keep America capitalist, we need to keep it free. Because America is also a beacon of light.”

“When I came here to America, I was totally liberal, and I came here and I started learning what capitalism is, because I didn’t even know that Mexico was not capitalist. I didn’t even know. I had to learn by comparison. And when I learned, I was free, because I learned I could be responsible for my own decisions, and that was the most amazing, most freeing thing in the world,” Lozano Zuniga said.

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