The City of Tucson Plans to Ignore Arizona’s Second Amendment Sanctuary Law

The City of Tucson Plans to Ignore Arizona’s Second
Amendment Sanctuary Law 1

While the Arizona state legislature is moving forward with pro-freedom legislation, the city of Tucson has other plans for the right to bear arms.

According to a report by the Associated Press, city officials in Tucson are planning to ignore Arizona’s new Second Amendment sanctuary legislation that prevents state and local governments from enforcing a number of federal gun control legislation. This could potentially bring about a series of court fights as a number of municipalities and counties start nullifying federal gun control laws.

Democrat Mayor Regina Romero and the City Council are butting heads with the Republican-controlled state legislature now that Tucson has plans of not complying with the state’s new law.

Tucson has recently built a reputation for trying to enact stronger gun control laws than the ones currently on the books. This has included attempts to impose mandatory background checks for firearms bought on city property and the destruction of firearms seized by the city. The Republican-dominated legislature has fiercely resisted these measures.

Tucson’s latest action came in response to Republican Governor Doug Ducey’s decision to sign a bill in April that established Arizona as a Second Amendment sanctuary state. Many red states are growing concerned with the Biden administration’s anti-Second Amendment radicalism and have taken proactive measures to protect civil liberties like the Second Amendment.

So far, there are at least 1,200 municipalities that have declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries, which are generally shielded from unconstitutional federal gun control laws.

This will likely be the trend moving forwards. Americans are already purchasing record amounts of firearms and ammo in response to the growing unrest taking place nationwide. All things considered, there’s an organic push to maintain America’s unique right to bear arms. 

However, there will be plenty of rogue municipalities and state governments who will try to oppose any moves to loosen gun restrictions and also roadblock states’ efforts to nullify unconstitutional laws at the federal level. 

Gun owners will have to be prepared for all the shenanigans that Gun Control Inc will throw at them.

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