The Dominion Algorithm Used to Steal the Election

The Dominion Algorithm Used to Steal the Election 1

Sorry for using the word, “algorithm.” I suspect most of you reading this struggled thru basic algebra in high school and did not deign to venture into the world of calculus and other advanced mathematics. The explanation is simple. A calculation built into the computer software was executed to produce numbers that, if unexamined, appear to secure a victory for Biden. The numbers do not lie. Votes were manufactured for Joe Biden. The citizens of Pennsylvania voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump. Joe Biden’s folks tried to steal it.

A fellow by the name of Edward Solomon has done yeoman’s work in digging into the Pennsylvania voting data and showing conclusively, in my view, how the Democrats, with the help of Dominion, rigged the vote. What was done in Pennsylvania, specifically Philadelphia, reveals how the Dominion software magically created votes for Joe Biden to swamp the actual number of votes Donald Trump was ringing up.

We shared this video a couple days ago.  The video lasts about 40 minutes. It is worth your time. Here is our first post with the video.

EXCLUSIVE: Brilliant! America’s Online Minutemen and Women Just Uncovered the Dominion Plot Transferring Vote Ratios between Pennsylvania Precincts (VIDEO)

But let me give you the Reader’s Digest version. When the early vote numbers rolled in, it was clear that Donald Trump was on his way to a major win. The task for Dominion was to manufacture votes for Biden without making it obvious. They tried, but failed.

Mr. Solomon takes the raw vote data that was being streamed by the NY Times and downloaded it into a spreadsheet. That data allows him to look at vote totals by precinct and how they changed over time. He found that a variety of ratios were used in different sets of precincts. For example, his Exhibit 1 shows a group of precincts where the votes were being recorded at the following ratio–1 vote for Trump and 48 for Biden.

The diabolical system employed by Dominion started with needing to generate a total vote total for Joe Biden. Rather than employ a single computer calculation, Dominion used a number of algorithms. Mr. Solomon identifies at least 9 different calculations used to create these votes.

Exhibit 1 Ratio of 1 to 48

Exhibit 2 Ratio of 1 to 18

Exhibit 3 Ratio of 4 to 65

Exhibit 4 Ratio of 3 to 48

Exhibit 5 Ratio 4 to 63

Exhibit 6 Ratio of 5 to 31

Exhibit 7 Ratio of 1 to 5

Exhibit 8 Ratio of 1 to 4

Exhibit 9 Ration of 1 to 6

The data examined by Mr. Solomon is only one part of the proof of the voter fraud. Data from other parts of Pennsylvania will need to be examined to determine if there is a similar pattern or if the data from Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are outliers.

The Gateway Pundit has also posted several reports on the election fraud in Pennsylvania.

And it is odd that Dominion refused to testify under oath in front of a Pennsylvania House committee.

BREAKING: Dominion Voting Systems BACKS OUT from Testifying Before Pennsylvania State House Committee — What Are They Hiding? …Update: Presser at 10 AM

The next evidentiary question to be asked, and answered, is whether there are actually ballots that back up the numbers reported on the computer. If there are ballots for Biden but no ballots for Trump, that is conclusive evidence of the fraud.

There are multiple sworn affidavits from witnesses of truck loads of ballots being off-loaded at the center in Philadelphia. Those ballots must be examined. If the ballots only show Joe Biden’s name and there are no ballots matching the numbers reported for Trump, that means one thing. Fraud.

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