“The Election Wasn’t Stolen, There Was a Judicial Process In Place” – Liz Cheney on Face the Nation

“The Election Wasn’t Stolen, There Was a Judicial Process In
Place” – Liz Cheney on Face the Nation 1

Republican leader Liz Cheney was on Face the Nation this morning and she couldn’t have been more outrageous if she tried.  There is nothing this woman offers to any one of the record-setting 75 million who voted for President Trump in November.  She is the Democrats’ dream. 

Liz Cheney has no idea how utterly toxic she is to the average American who voted for President Trump and saw the election stolen by leftist goons.  She then claimed that there was a judicial process in place to review the election?  Which one?  What case that was never reviewed on its merits is she referring to?

After discounting Antifa’s efforts at the Capitol on January 6th and calling for an investigation into the events that day performed by the likes of her and the Democrats, Cheney shared:

And I think it’s very important to realize that a fundamental part of the Constitution and of who we are as Americans is the rule of law.  It’s the judicial process.  The election wasn’t stolen.  There was a judicial process in place.  If you attack the judicial process, you attack the rule of law, you aren’t defending the Constitution, you’re at war with the Constitution.”

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Liz Cheney apparently believes that it’s no big deal there are more than 350,000 ballots in Georgia that were included in the 2020 Election results (most for Joe Biden no doubt) that are ineligible.

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Cheney is apparently ok with vans dropping off tens of thousands of ballots at 4am in Detroit.

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She also thinks it’s ok that Republicans were forcefully prevented from reviewing vote-counting in multiple cities across the country like Philadelphia.

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Liz Cheney can’t be gone soon enough.  She is toxic as she claims she stands for the party of hope.  In reality, she stands with corrupt Democrats. 

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