The Majority of American Voters Agree on Need for State Election Reforms

The Majority of American Voters Agree on Need for State
Election Reforms 1

Since Joe Biden was installed in office, many Americans believe that America’s electoral process needs to be overhauled so as to maintain the integrity of the political system. The 2020 elections were notorious for many incidents of irregularities and indications pointing to electoral fraud taking place in major metro centers.

Voters now appear to be in agreement with the sentiments of former President Donald Trump with regards to election reform. According to a recent telephone and online survey that Rasmussen Reports conducted, 61% of “Likely U.S. Voters” share the same view as Trump, which was expressed in a statement that he issued on July 12, 2021 at his website:

Election Reform must happen in Swing States like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Arizona where voters have lost confidence in their electoral process.

This includes 42% of respondents who “Strongly Agree.” 34% are in disagreement with Trump’s statement, with 25% who “Strongly Disagree.”

Several states like Georgia have led the charge in passing new voting laws to protect their elections from potential fraud and underhanded tactics to sully the legitimacy of elections. 

Rasmussen noted that back in April, 51% of voters believed that it was likely that fraud had a substantial impact on shaping the outcome of the 2020 election. In that same survey, the majority of voters (60%) believe that it is more important to ensure that there is no fraud in elections than making it easier for more people to vote. 

The audit of the 2020 election results has received significant criticism from political and media big wigs. However, the majority of American voters support efforts to enact election integrity reforms. 

Republicans should take meticulous notes. The voters clearly want elections that are secure from fraud and potential foreign interference. Populist candidates in particular should survey the political landscape and campaign on popular issues like election integrity reform. 

The more in-touch candidates are with their constituents’ demands the more likely they’ll be able to pull off upsets against squishy incumbents in the primaries and subsequently cruise to victory in the general election.

Getting fully behind election integrity is simply a no-brainer for any upstart populist candidate who wants to actually get elected in this environment where voters do not trust the current set of electoral procedures. 

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