Election Fraud

The Morning Briefing: Democrats Want All Elections to Be Lawless Fraud-Fests

The Morning Briefing: Democrats Want All Elections to Be
Lawless Fraud-Fests 1

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Democrats Hate Election Integrity 

Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Our synchronized swimming get-together is now judgment-free.

Somewhere along the way, the Democrats in America became completely broken. Most would say that it was when Donald Trump was elected president in 2016 but I think that they were in the process of breaking long before that. I’d say that Trump was the straw that broke the camel’s back but that would probably make me racist against anyone who lives in places where there are camels. Or camelist.

It is safe to say that Trump hastened their arrival at complete brokenness.

That brokenness has resulted in the Democrats rejecting pretty much anything that Republicans support. Sometimes it finds them rejecting positions on issues that, until recently, they supported themselves.

The Democrats are now opposed to anything that Republicans advocate for in the way of election integrity. If Republicans were to propose a law that mandated that everyone breathe freely while voting, Democrats would find a way to call that a “restriction.”

We are currently witnessing some thoroughly embarrassing (for America) and pathetic behavior by members of the Texas House of Representatives, which Tyler wrote about yesterday before it even got underway:

Almost every single Democrat in the Texas House of Representatives plans to leave Austin on Monday in an attempt to stymie the special session that Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas) called. As PJ Media’s Bryan Preston reported, Abbott called the special session in order to advance legislation on election integrity, border security, social media censorship, family violence prevention, protecting women’s sports, fighting critical race theory, and curbing access to abortion-inducing drugs, among other things.

At least 58 of the 67 Democrats in the Texas House plan to skip out on their jobs, an echo of the stunt Democrats pulled in 2003, NBC News reported. The move would paralyze the chamber.

Most of the Democrats plan to fly to Washington, D.C., in order to rally for H.R. 1, the federal takeover of elections that Democrats dub the “For the People Act.” According to NBC News’ source, most the Democrats plan to fly on two private jets.

Wrap your heads around that. Elected state representatives are abandoning their responsibilities to rally for support of federal control.

This is what happens in a world where public schools don’t teach history or civics.

Of course, they eventually did flee the state, and they’re quite proud of themselves. Personally, I hope they continue being smug attention whores, because I don’t think that it is going to work out the way that they think it will:

The Texas Dem toddler tantrum is all about avoiding a vote on election integrity laws that Republicans in Texas have put forward. For all of the same “blah, blah…RACIST” reasons they oppose everything.

More from Tyler:

While Democrats have attacked election integrity laws as “Jim Crow on steroids” or an insidious plan to make sure that black people cannot vote, the election integrity laws aim to correct election irregularities that plagued the 2020 election, such as ballot drop-boxes with insecure chains of custody and the widespread mailing of mail-in ballots using outdated voter lists.

I keep asking why Democrats are so bitterly opposed to any, and I do mean any, laws that would shore up election integrity and make people feel like their votes were worth something. I keep coming up with the same answer: they want elections to be free-for-alls that are open to the introduction of fraud. It’s the only conclusion that explains their full-court press disinformation campaign about anything Republicans have suggested this year.

Of course, chaos and an election riddled with irregularities worked out well for them last year, so one can see why they’d like that to be the norm. That’s what H.R. 1 is all about. It’s federal oversight that perversely makes sure that states and municipalities can’t do much in the way of, you know, oversight.

You don’t have to take my word for it when it comes to Democrats having disdain for election laws, take prominent Dem Donna Brazile’s.

Paul has the story:

We’re going the need the receipts for this one, Donna. Here’s what former interim DNC chair Donna Brazile said on ABC “This Week” on Sunday: “I’m an election official, ok? And if I began to give people access to the ballot through online applications for absentee ballots, I can be arrested. It’s criminalizing voting in ways we should not criminalize voting.”

Well, yes. If you break the law, you’re a criminal. This is not complicated. If you violate election laws passed by the duly elected legislature, what you’re doing is illegal. No one should have the power to unilaterally change election laws, although several governors and secretaries of state did in 2020—illegally, in my opinion—citing COVID concerns.

Democrats are terrified about anything that introduces transparency or security in elections. I’m not implying that fraud is ultimately their goal, I’m stating it outright. Their even bigger long-term goal is one-party rule in the United States, which they know they can’t achieve as long as elections can’t be gamed.

Hopefully, they won’t be able to pollute the entire process by November of next year. If they do, get your gulag bag packed.

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Election Fraud
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