The Morning Briefing: What To Do About Media's Horrible 2020 Election Malpractice

The Morning Briefing: What To Do About Media's Horrible 2020
Election Malpractice 1
The Mainstream Media Betrayal of Journalistic Responsibility Is Complete

Happy End of Another Week, my dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I’m ready for a three day happy hour.

Here we are, facing a Friday the 13th in 2020. I’ve never been superstitious before, but now I wouldn’t be surprised to see cackling wraiths descending from the sky on flying albino rattle snakes by the end of the day.


Anyway, it’s Friday, and I often like to TGIF by beating up on the thoroughly execrable mainstream media. What the Democratic advocacy corps that masquerades as our journalist class has been up to since the election has plumbed new depths of unforgivable. That’s saying a lot when discussing people who spend every day exploring ways to be almost criminally irresponsible.

Am I adequately conveying my dislike for these cretins?

After lying daily for months to get the drooling husk that once was Joe Biden elected president, they’ve spent the days since the election slandering any American who has expressed an interest in making sure that any irregularities in ballot counting are exposed.

Yesterday I happened upon something written in The New York Times that was so ridiculous I at first feared that the author was concussed. The article was an exploration of Republicans’ “distrust of news” and the gist of it was that all of us right-wing nutjobs are getting all of our news from crackpot disinformation sites that don’t undergo any rigorous fact checking. We don’t trust the news because the various bulls**t whisperers on the Right are telling people that they shouldn’t, according to the blameless lambs at the Times.

As one of those bulls**t-whispering crackpots, I naturally took umbrage with that.

From my post:

The combined Townhall Media Mothership universe (PJ Media, TownhallHotAirRedStateBearing Arms, and Twitchy) is by far one of the largest “right-wing media outlets” in America. We are absolutely crawling with fact-checkers, both internally and externally. We are a for-profit company that very much enjoys those profits. If there is even a hint of anything awry, we can get fact-checked and throttled by more than one of our revenue drivers. Because of that, we rigorously check everything prior to publication.

The notion that we are skipping about the media landscape saying whatever the hell we want to is patently absurd. It’s even more absurd coming from the Times, which spreads misinformation and opinion as fact with impunity. I’m not even a journalist, I’m a comedian who also happens to be a bomb-throwing (RHETORIC ALERT!) conservative opinion writer. Even so, I’m subject to more rules than any Times writer will ever face.

I’m not only subject to more rules, I’m also just a better person than 99.9999999% of the filth who parade as journalists in the mainstream media. Yeah, I like to push buttons and stir up emotions, but I also like to keep things on the truth side of the aisle. I’m honest about my bias.

As for journalism, the open cheering of Biden’s election throughout the MSM is proof positive that it is dead forever in all of the dinosaur media.

Old media is dying, that is true. New media is ascendant and has gained a prominence that prompts non-truth screeds like the Times article. They’re lashing out because they see the writing on the wall.

Sadly, the MSM numbers are still huge, especially in network news. The shift in the media landscape is a slow one, but it is picking up.

We need to begin exploring bigger, louder, and harsher ways of exposing the vile pathological liars in the MSM. There can be no letting up. Should Grandpa Gropes make it to the White House, they no doubt will be emboldened and double-down on their truth-free ways.

I’ll be over here in Crackpot Land, whispering to the ever-vigilant rightwing masses as we keep pushing back against the anti-American MSM falsehood machine.

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The Kruiser Kabana

This show was so weird.

It’s the end of the week as we know it (and I feel fine).


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