Election Fraud

The 'My Pillow' Guy Says, 'I Won't Bend to Cancel Culture' After Twitter Cancels Him For Election Fraud Talk

The 'My Pillow' Guy Says, 'I Won't Bend to Cancel Culture'
After Twitter Cancels Him For Election Fraud Talk 1

The “My Pillow” guy’s social credit score has taken a hit after Twitter scrubbed him for talking about — shhh! — election fraud.

Mike Lindell’s personal Twitter account was permanently scrubbed from the social media site for discussing fraudulent votes in the 2020 presidential election. The My Pillow CEO, a good friend and supporter of former President Trump, has claimed there’s ample evidence pointing to voter chicanery.

Dominion Voting Systems considered suing Lindell for trash-talking their product.

On Tuesday, Lindell said on the Rush Limbaugh radio program that he won’t stop talking about vote fraud.

I did nothing wrong. I only talked about these machines.

Twitter took this to mean that Lindell’s opinion was enough to “risk … further incitement of violence,” which the company cited as the reason it canceled him.

Lindell claimed on the radio show, guest-hosted on Tuesday by Mark Steyn, that during a previous suspension, when he was unable to see the activity on his account, someone – he believes Twitter – tweeted and retweeted “politically correct” comments while passing themselves off as him.

People were saying to me, “Mike, why aren’t you giving us the news?”

He said that’s when he learned that someone had been using his account.

That’s like identity fraud. That’s criminal.

He said that he’s not a politically correct guy.

Indeed, the same social media companies that have been cutting off conservatives and doing the so-called “fact-checking” on these elections complaints donated heavily – millions of dollars – to the Biden campaign. One tech expert believes Big Tech’s algorithmic manipulations moved “at least six million votes to Biden.” And who can forget the executive who seemed to break into tears at a Google company meeting over the election? I guess the company officer speaking at an official company meeting thought the people who work there were just as sad as she was … or else.

The merits of many of the election fraud cases were not considered in several key election cases, where states changed election rules due to COVID-19. Most of the election-related lawsuits were tossed due to issues of legal standing. The rules, by-and-large, adopted full-scale mail-in ballots, relaxed signature verification, and extended deadlines.

Twitter hasn’t substantiated its conclusion that Lindell’s election fraud tweets would “incite” violence.

Now that the election is over and Joe Biden has been installed at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, COVID rules have been relaxed in California, New York, Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and other states.

Maybe even voting will go back to the way it was pre-pandemic.

Lindell claimed that bot factories continue to agitate for stores to cancel their orders with his company and he’s suing The Daily Mail for “doing a hit job” on him.

While the Left crows about its latest scalp in the great culture war reset, perhaps another swath of Twitter users will peel off the platform.

As Mark Steyn remarked after Lindell’s appearance, one thing’s for sure:

He’s not getting the best sleep in the whole wide world because people are out to get him.

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Election Fraud
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