The Plight Of Anti-Woke Comedians In An Era Of Tech Censorship

The Plight Of Anti-Woke Comedians In An Era Of Tech
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On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Christian Toto, editor of Hollywood in Toto, joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss how conservative comics are navigating the woke world of comedy and subjective big tech censorship from leftist Silicon Valley giants.

“I think if you’re a comedian and you’re right of center, where are you going to go? I mean, ‘Saturday Night Live’ is not going to hire you as a writer. You’re not going to be part of Stephen Colbert. So you’re a little bit adrift,” Toto said. “And I think what a lot of these comedians are doing is they’re finding another home online. YouTube podcasts, you know, social media like Twitter and Parler, and things like that so they can get their voices out there. They can say what they want to say and often they can just say what they want, period.”

Comedy, Toto said, has evolved from making people laugh by saying something hilarious to sending a woke message couched in a funny phrase but in an unfunny and limited way. 

“Making the audience laugh is not their goal anymore, it’s not on their priority list. Hey, listen, if they accidentally make a chuckle then all well and good, it’s not why they do these shows and it’s one of the reasons many reasons why these shows are cratering the ratings. They’re not fun and enjoyable,” Toto said. “It’s a lecture, it’s scolding. It’s a combination of ‘we need to do better,’ versus, ‘look how good we are,’ which is a weird combination of platitudes to share.”

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