The US Government’s Election Assistance Commission Is Broken – It Claimed Uncertified Auditors Were Certified While Providing No Options to Report on Voter Fraud

The US Government’s Election Assistance Commission Is Broken
– It Claimed Uncertified Auditors Were Certified While Providing No
Options to Report on Voter Fraud 1

The US Federal Government’s Election Assistance Commission (EAC) has turned into a big joke.  They claimed uncertified auditors who performed voting system audits were certified and provide for Americans to report on vote misinformation while providing no avenue for the average American to report on voter fraud.

We’ve reported recently on the US Government’s EAC.  This organization reported that audit entities were certified when they weren’t:

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Arizona’s Maricopa County and the state of Georgia selected these auditors even though they were not certified:

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The EAC’s website is also very disturbing.  Until Wednesday, the website had numerous places on their home page and website asking the public to “Report Election Misinformation”. But there is NOT ONE place to report election or voter fraud on their entire site.

The EAC created a complex network that will spring into action and combat election misinformation. The attached PDF shows step by step instructions how they verify, forward, update, and monitor your misinformation report. They provide contacts for Social Media and other organizations from the FBI to TikTok. The Election Integrity Partnership at Stanford will even “analyze your misinformation report to see if it is part of a larger disinformation effort.”

But there’s not one place to report election fraud. The EAC will take no reports or action. Buried deep in the site it only mentions once “Allegations concerning irregularities in elections….contact the state or local election officials”. Notice they avoid using the terms “election fraud” or “voter fraud” to curb any search functions.

Up until Wednesday, the EAC home page had this info-graphic for Voters.  Dispelling Election Misinformation was their #1 topic for Voters.

There is a EAC section to report generic Fraud, Waste, and Abuse with their internal Inspector General.  And that drop down menu has no mention of Election Fraud.

Their website URL placeholder for Voter Fraud has just been a blank page (

What a clown show – the EAC is a great example of the government gone mad – they misrepresent their certified auditors and provide no avenue to report election fraud.  So the fact that 460,000 absentee ballots in Georgia (undoubtedly all for Biden) are missing the legally required chain of custody documentation can’t be reported.  What a horrible joke paid for by the US Tax payer.

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