“They Were Like a Pack of Dogs!” – Detroit Voter Fraud Witness describes election night chaos (VIDEO)

“They Were Like a Pack of Dogs!” – Detroit Voter Fraud
Witness describes election night chaos (VIDEO) 1

“They were like a pack of dogs!”

Another Michigan Witness has come forward to describe the voter fraud and vote integrity intimidation she witnessed while volunteering at the TCF Center/Cobo Hall in Detroit on election night and the day after. This comes on the heels of word that the Wayne County results are being officially certified after the Republican members were accused of racism, and received repeated death threats and threats against their children.

Kristina Karamo saw the 3:30am Biden Ballot Dump that is being repeatedly denied by the mainstream media. Her statement stands in contrast to the whitewashing going on elsewhere in the media that is seeking to ‘debunk’ all similar testimonies of witnesses who describe witnessing Detroit voter fraud in favor of Joe Biden.

Karamo saw that there was no effective review of signatures on those ballots at the counting boards. She describes seeing ballots that should have been spoiled, instead counted for Biden, with poll workers saying “I think that should go to the Democrat.” Her challenges to bad ballots were IGNORED.

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She also describes that GOP Poll Challengers would not be hired by the City of Detroit, helping to explain what other witnesses have also described: a completely lopsided ratio of Democrats to Republicans, ensuring that Republicans could not protect the integrity of the ballot counting process in Detroit. Karamo describes calling and attempting to apply several times to be an official poll worker and being denied, even though the Clerk lied and told her that not enough Republicans had applied.

According to Karamo the Republicans were systemically denied access to observe the vote count.

“They were like Demons!” Karamo says.

Karamo says she thinks all absentee ballots should be recounted in Wayne County. Instead of having the media dismiss witnesses like this, the Gateway Pundit has provided their interviews below so you can judge for yourself:



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