Thieves stole an entire cabin in northern Michigan — and police still don't know where it is

Thieves stole an entire cabin in northern Michigan — and
police still don't know where it is 1

A thief or group of thieves in northern Michigan reportedly made off with an entire cabin late last year, and police still don’t know where it was taken.

What are the details?

It’s not an incident report officers are accustomed to filing. But in a news release Wednesday, Michigan State Police said the owner of the 12×28-foot cabin told them the structure suddenly vanished between Nov. 18 and Dec. 16 last year.

The brown cabin — complete with a burnt orange roof, white trim, and a covered front porch — had been located on County Road 571 in Cold Springs Township, Kalkaska County, before it disappeared.

In the release, state police said troopers with Houghton Lake Post are now investigating the theft. But so far, the incident reportedly has authorities stumped.

No specific leads have been reported, but according to the Detroit Free Press, authorities presume that a group of two or more suspects hauled it away on the back of a trailer and possibly under cover of darkness.

“It’s kind of a weird situation,” Trooper Matthew Scott, who is investigating the case, told the outlet. “At this point, the cabin is definitely not where it’s supposed to be. There are different motives, but that’s a detail we are trying to uncover.”

What else?

The cabin owner reportedly told police he had lived in it for a couple of years until he left to take up residence elsewhere.

He likely returned to check on the structure later only to find it had inexplicably disappeared. The owner allegedly told authorities he’s unsure what happened to it or why anyone would want to steal it.

Scott, however, told the Free Press he had some potential suspects — though he refrained from going into further detail so as to not compromise the investigation.

He added it will likely prove challenging to track down where the cabin went since it has been at least two months since it was stolen.

“You don’t see this happen too often,” he reportedly said. But, when it comes to crime, “anything is possible.”

State police are asking anyone with information to contact the agency’s Houghton Lake Post.

Stolen northern Michigan cabin has state police stumped


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