‘This Election Is an Embarrassment to Our Nation’: Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano

‘This Election Is an Embarrassment to Our Nation’:
Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano 1

Pennsylvania State Sen. Doug Mastriano (R-33) said Monday that fraud and corruption in the state were so serious that this election became an embarrassment to the United States. He listed a dozen ways fraud has been proven in the state.

“Why is the very state where the Light of Liberty was lit in 1776 … unable or unwilling to have elections as free and safe as war torn Afghanistan? Something is seriously wrong in the Commonwealth and unless this is corrected, our republic cannot long endure,” Mastriano said in a report and assessment of the election fraud hearing, which was released on Monday.

“This Election is an embarrassment to our nation,” he added.

Pennsylvania State Senate held a hearing on Nov. 25 at the historic site Gettysburg. Numerous witnesses, voters, technical professionals, and legal experts presented their evidence and testimony about the fraud or corruption in the election process. One major anomaly was a large dump of votes.

“In one such spike, hundreds of thousands of votes were dumped in a processing facility with [570,000] of these going for former Vice President Biden, and a paltry 3,200 for President Trump (99.54 [percent] for Biden and 0.56 [percent] for Trump),” Mastriano said in his report.

The state lawmakers in Pennsylvania called on Gov. Tom Wolf to convene a special assembly for a special session on alleged voter fraud about a week after the hearing.  But the Pennsylvania Governor and Secretary of State ignored investigation requests and certified the election result 3 weeks after Nov. 3.

Mastriano listed other irregularities in his report, ranging from mail-in ballots not inspected by Republicans; defective ballot adjudication; spikes in ballots processed that exceed machine tabulation capabilities; hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots processed with no oversight; votes cannot be verified, forensic evidence disappeared; mail-in ballots already opened with no observers; poll watcher with certificates being denied access; observers corralled behind fencing and unable to observe, etc.

At the end of his report, Mastriano called for dealing with the issues in the election immediately by counting every legal vote, holding cheaters in the election accountable.

Zachary Stieber  and Jack Phillips contributed to this report

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