‘THIS IS BIGGER THAN ME’: Georgia’s Ruby Freeman Lawyers Up, Cancels Interview

‘THIS IS BIGGER THAN ME’: Georgia’s Ruby Freeman Lawyers Up,
Cancels Interview 1

Ruby Freeman, exposed as one of the key individuals involved with the late night suitcase vote counting in Georgia, cancelled an interview she scheduled with journalist Carolyn Ryan, and told her that she needed to secure legal counsel.

“I won’t be able to be interviewed,” wrote Freeman. “This is bigger than me.”

“I need an attorney. Thanks,” Freeman added. “Much Luv to you and your team.”

In a video released on Rumble, Ryan explained that she was in contact with Freeman following bombshell reporting from National File and The Gateway Pundit.

“I wanted to ask her: Were in fact those ballots in the suitcases? Were you guys counting those ballots after other poll workers went home? If so, why?”

“Ruby initially said she was getting a lot of negative comments and she agreed to do an interview with me to tell her side of the story,” added Ryan. Freeman also sent Ryan a series of vulgar and threatening text messages allegedly sent from angry individuals.

“About 45 minutes or so after that she reversed her decision, unfortunately, she said that it’s probably best for her not to do an interview at this time,” said Ryan. “She said it’s probably best if she gets a lawyer.”

Freeman and her daughter rose to national prominence after National File exposed her daughter, Shaye Moss, as Freeman’s supervisor.

The Georgia Secretary of State initially agreed that the video showed fraud. They then began circulating a debunked article by Lead Stories quoting anonymous officials from the Georgia Secretary of State’s office. This circular logic has yet to be explained.

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