Three Georgia officers shot injured in pursuit; one suspect dead and another in custody

Three Georgia officers shot injured in pursuit; one suspect
dead and another in custody 1

CARROLL COUNTY, GA – According to preliminary reports, at least three officers from various police departments were non-fatally shot during a pursuit that occurred in the early morning hours of April 12th.

Officials have stated that one suspect reportedly involved is deceased, while another suspect is in custody.

Here are the details known thus far.

At approximately 3:30 a.m., a Georgia State Patrol trooper had stopped the driver of a Nissan Passenger that was reportedly going 111 mph on I-20 in Carroll County.

According to Georgia State Patrol Captain Brandon Dawson, the driver and passenger had initially stopped but then took off as soon as the trooper was approaching the vehicle.

When the state trooper went to pursue the suspects, a passenger inside of the vehicle allegedly opened fire on the patrol unit, effectively disabling the trooper’s vehicle.

Carrollton Police Chief Joel Richards stated that his officers got involved in the pursuit of the suspects after the department was notified by the Georgia State Patrol about the shooting incident.

Chief Richards said that at one point during the pursuit, the passenger inside of the suspect vehicle allegedly opened fire on his officers and wound up striking one of them, identified as Officer Rob Holloway, who then lost control of his patrol unit and drove into a utility pole.

Villa Rice Police had then gotten involved in the pursuit, with Villa Rice Police Chief Michael Mansour saying that one of his officers, identified as Officer Chase Gordy, was allegedly shot twice by one of the suspects in the vehicle.

Carroll County Sheriff Terry Langley said that one of his deputies, identified as Deputy Jay Rapetto, was also shot and injured, specifically in the arm, during this incident.  

At some point a confrontation between the suspects and authorities resulted in one of the suspects being killed and the other being taken into custody “after a negotiation,” according to Sheriff Langley.

Officials have not released the names of the suspects involved in this case.

Authorities confirmed that all of the officers injured during this incident were transported to a local hospital for treatment. As of this writing, it is unclear as to the severity of each officer’s injuries.

The Georgia Bureau of investigations was said to be investigating the incident.

This is a developing investigation.

Please follow Law Enforcement Today as we continue to gather further insight into this case.

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In other recent officer-involved shootings, Law Enforcement Today shared a report regarding the recently released bodycam footage from an incident that occurred in March in Los Angeles. 

Here’s that previous report. 


LOS ANGELES, CA – During an armed standoff in mid-March, a SWAT officer was shot in the face by a gunman, according to bodycam footage released by the Los Angeles Police Department.

The incident started around 12:15 p.m. on March 16th, when the Los Angeles Police Department received a complaint of a man shooting a rifle into the air in the backyard of a home in the 1000-block of West 21st Street.

The lot where the gunman was allegedly shooting the weapon was said to contain two different households, one in the front and one in the back, according to LAPD Chief Michel Moore.

The police chief further noted that the perpetrator, 37-year-old Jorge Cerda, was located by responding officers in the backyard of the lot.

Investigators found that the residents of the house located on the front of the lot are actually related to the alleged gunman, after responding officers had spoken with them.

Cerda’s family members gave police “varying accounts” of whether or not the suspect was actively using drugs, the status of his mental health, and how many weapons he may have had access to at the time, according to Chief Moore.

As a result of the assailant barricading himself inside the back residence, a SWAT team was deployed to the scene. According to Chief Moore, other members of the suspect’s family were removed from the scene.

Cerda had reportedly refused to lay down his weapons and come outside, despite officers’ attempts to get him to come out without incident.

While an officer was speaking to Cerda through his sister’s cell phone, the officer was trying to talk down the suspect by saying:

“We don’t want to come in there… We don’t want you to die today.”

The suspect’s family members were also urging Cerda to come out of the home peaceably. Those efforts were also unsuccessful.

Police opted to deploy tear gas into the home where the suspect barricaded himself. LAPD officials say that at that point, Cerda opened fire at the officers deploying the tear gas.

One SWAT member, identified as Officer Rodney Williams, was initially struck in the vest. Officer Williams seemed unphased, and the two SWAT members opted to deploy more tear gas toward the suspect.

After deploying additional tear gas, Cerda reportedly opened fire once again – this time, striking Officer Williams in the face. The officer can be seen falling to the ground, clutching the side of his face where the bullet had struck him.

The second SWAT officer moved the injured officer to safety, and officials say that Officer Williams was subsequently rushed to a local hospital for treatment and has since been released.

After Officer Williams was shot, the bodycam footage released shows the perspective of another SWAT officer positioned at a window above from where the suspect was holed up.

In the footage, the SWAT officer can be seen firing off several rounds not long after Officer Williams was shot.

Cerda slumped over on top of a loaded shotgun, according to reports, and was later declared deceased at the scene. Reports also allege that Cerda was in possession of an untraceable “ghost gun” as well.

Chief Moore commended the work accomplished by officers, specifically highlighting the quick actions taken by officers to render aid to Officer Williams:

“I am thankful for the SWAT officers that risked their life in rescuing him and getting him immediate medical attention. And I’m also grateful that there was no other further loss of life in this ordeal.”

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