Traitor Gov. Brian Kemp Brutally Booed Off Stage AGAIN For Helping Democrats Steal The Election

Traitor Gov. Brian Kemp Brutally Booed Off Stage AGAIN For
Helping Democrats Steal The Election 1

After capitulating to Democrats – certifying the fraud-ridden 2020 election and blocking forensic audits – Republican Gov. Brian Kemp is paying the price at every turn.

The Democrat-media complex continues to cajole the public into believing Joe Biden is a legitimate president, but Americans are not turning the page on the stolen election.

As the maligned Georgia governor took the stage at an event hosted by the Georgia Republican Party on Saturday, he was ferociously booed by the crowd.

“I have been fighting for you – on the roads over the last couple of months – fighting against big corporations,” Kemp declared in speech that can barely be heard over roaring jeers.

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Kemp won the Georgia gubernatorial race against Democrat Stacey Abrams in 2018 after President Trump proudly endorsed him. Then in November 2020, he stabbed Trump in the back, aggressively dismissing the president’s warnings about significant voting anomalies in November.

The disgraced governor then rushed to certify the fraudulent election results without allowing GOP poll watchers to check signatures on absentee ballots.

As the Gateway Pundit reported, over 10,300 people voted in a Georgia County they no longer lived in. These are illegal votes according to Georgia law and nearly Trump’s loss margin of 12,670 votes.

Rather than working to secure the state for Trump and the American people amid Georgia’s documented election corruption, Kemp decided to hunt quail and party.

If traitorous Republicans who allowed the presidency to be stolen expect legitimate reelection, they’re in for a rude awakening.

Voters have repeatedly made it clear to Kemp’s his time is up.

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