Transgender Crowned ‘Miss Nevada’ – Will Be First Trans to Compete in Historic Miss America Pageant

Transgender Crowned ‘Miss Nevada’ – Will Be First Trans to
Compete in Historic Miss America Pageant 1

You knew this was coming…

After years of ‘exclusion,’ Kataluna Enriquez will become the first openly transgender competitor to participate in the upcoming Miss USA pageant after winning ‘Miss’ Nevada on Sunday.

The 27-year-old, Kataluma Enriques beat out 21 biologically female competitors in Nevada’s preliminary round.

Enriques inclusion in the Nevada event and victory is very odd considering there is already a separate ‘Miss Trans Global’ competition that takes place annually.

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We know that biologically men are larger, faster, and overall stronger compared to women, but are they now more beautiful than biological women?

It has become a trend to allow men to compete with women. Unfortunately, the side that suffers the most is always the women. We have seen multiple scenarios where women are unfairly cast out of the spotlight by men who are physically stronger – a la’ Fallon Fox fracturing the skull of a female competitor in a brutal UFC beatdown.

Or a man shattering women’s weightlifting records to steal a spot at the 2020 Olympics.

New Zealand’s Laurel Hubbard Selected as First Transgender to Compete in Olympics in Weightlifting – She Competed as a Man Until 2013

Fortunately, pageants don’t require a lot of athleticism, so women have a pretty fair game, right?

We will see as Miss Nevada moves on to the national competition later this year.

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