Trump believes 2020 election was unconstitutional, and the evidence is piling up

Trump believes 2020 election was unconstitutional, and the
evidence is piling up 1

(Natural News) President Trump believes the 2020 presidential election violated the U.S. Constitution, according to a series of tweets he has been sending out since November 15 – and there’s no shortage of evidence backing that claim.

On that date, he acknowledged the first lawsuits over potential election fraud, tweeting: “Our big cases showing the unconstitutionality of the 2020 Election, & the outrage of things that were done to change the outcome, will soon be filed!”

The following day, he took Pennsylvania and Georgia to task for the way their officials ran the elections. In Pennsylvania, he reiterated that Republican poll watchers were not allowed to observe ballot counting, which is something they have the right to do. He is said to be trailing Biden there by just 69,000 votes, or a mere 1 percent of the vote.

He also criticized the recount that is currently underway in Georgia, tweeting: “The Fake recount going on in Georgia means nothing because they are not allowing signatures to be looked at and verified. Break the unconstitutional Consent Decree!”

The state of Georgia started recounting its nearly 5 million ballots by hand last week following a request by the Republican Party and President Trump for a statewide audit. Election officials in Georgia have already discovered thousands of ballots that were never counted during the original count.

A Pennsylvania judge has already ruled in favor of the Trump campaign, saying the the state cannot count ballots where voters needed to supply proof of identification but failed to do so by November 9.

According to state law, voters have until six days following the election (November 9 this year) to resolve lack of identification problems related to their ballots. After the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania ruled that mail-in ballots would be accepted up to three days after the election, Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar submitted guidance saying that proof of identification could be provided until November 12. That is actually six days after the ballot acceptance guideline, and she issued this guidance just two days ahead of the election. However, the judge ruled that Boockvar did not have the authority to issue such guidance.

The Trump campaign has also announced that it will spend $3 million in Wisconsin to file for a partial recount there on the grounds that the state’s voter ID laws were circumvented, and absentee ballots were illegally altered. The state’s law says that incomplete absentee ballots cannot be counted, but some clerks were instructed to use their “‘personal knowledge,’ or unspecified ‘lists or databases at his or her disposal’ to add missing information on returned absentee ballots.”

In Wisconsin, Biden currently has 1.63 million votes and Trump has 1.61 million votes. Lawsuits have also been filed in Arizona and Nevada.

Rigged voting machines are also unconstitutional

Another area of contention is the potential rigging of the voting machines used in many states. Dominion Voting Systems was created in the first place to alter the voting results in Venezuela in favor of Hugo Chavez, and China also played a role in funding the company. Several people have come forward to expose voter fraud via the company’s software.

As Natural News reported yesterday, the current vice president of U.S. engineering at Dominion, Eric Coomer, admitted on social media that he rigged voting machines to stop Trump from winning reelection.

Coomer, who has identified himself as an antifa member, was overheard bragging about his actions. When asked what they should do if Trump wins the election, he reportedly told a fellow member of antifa something along the lines of “Don’t worry about the election; Trump’s not gonna win. I made f***ing sure of that!”

Although not all of Trump’s lawsuits will be successful, he should be applauded for trying to protect the integrity of voting for all Americans.

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