Trump campaign files series of lawsuits in battleground states against instances of voter fraud

Trump campaign files series of lawsuits in battleground
states against instances of voter fraud 1

(Natural News) President Donald Trump’s campaign has now filed over a dozen lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Michigan, Georgia and Arizona over allegations of election fraud in those states.

Virtually every single mainstream media outlet has already declared Democrat Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 presidential election. The current count of electoral college votes has Biden at 279 while Trump has 214. If the current votes are to be respected, it means that Biden picked up Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Projections also give the former vice president a chance of winning in Georgia and Arizona.

Seeing no other options due to alleged rampant voter fraud, the Trump campaign has decided to go on the offensive and file a number of lawsuits in several battleground states. Here are all of the major lawsuits that the president’s campaign has filed in each state.


The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit in a federal district court to ask a judge to stop the Philadelphia County Board of Elections from counting any more ballots until the Republican Party could send campaign observers to the ballot counting location. The judge immediately denied the motion.

The next lawsuit asked ballot officials to allow Republican party election watchers to stand several feet closer to them while they count ballots. A state judge approved the motion, but the GOP immediately took the matter to court after they accused officials in Philadelphia of not respecting the court’s decision by blocking their poll watchers from observing the ballot counting process.

Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State, Kathy Boockvar, announced that registered voters have until Nov. 12 to provide proof of identity if they did not initially place it on their mail-in ballots. The Trump campaign, along with the Republican National Committee, has filed a lawsuit asking an appeals court to move the deadline back to Nov. 9. While litigation is ongoing, a judge has already asked Boockvar to segregate ballots from voters who will not be able to provide identification after the GOP’s desired date.

Another lawsuit is asking the judiciary to compel the Montgomery County Board of Elections to not allow 600 mail-in ballots that were not properly placed in secrecy sleeves to be counted.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that mail-in ballots received by Nov. 6 may be counted so long as they are postmarked by Election Day. The Trump campaign has appealed this decision in the Supreme Court.

Finally, the campaign filed a lawsuit just this Monday against Boockvar and seven counties in Pennsylvania to prevent them from certifying the state’s election results. The Republicans alleged that the state implemented an illegal “two-tiered” voting system, which meant that ballots would be treated a certain way depending on whether they came from someone who voted in-person or by mail. Pennsylvania’s Attorney General has dismissed the lawsuit as “meritless.”


The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit before the Nevada Supreme Court to stop all ballots from being counted over concerns regarding election observers preventing Republican poll watchers from observing the processing of ballots and over issues raised regarding the signature-matching technology used to verify mail-in ballots. This request was denied.

Clark County, home to Las Vegas, heavily leans Democratic. This is why GOP officials filed a lawsuit to stop the ballot-counting in the county until Republican officials could observe the proceedings. While a district judge rejected the request, the state Supreme Court reached a compromise allowing for expanded ballot observation.


The Election Integrity Fund, a member organization of the Michigan Grassroots Alliance, filed a lawsuit asking a district court to stop the certification of election results in Detroit under the grounds that Republican campaign officials were not given insufficient access to observe the process of counting absentee ballots.

A similar request to stop ballots from being counted was rejected by the Michigan Court of Claims because most of the state’s votes had already been counted.

The conservative-leaning law firm known as the Great Lakes Justice Center is filing a lawsuit in the Wayne County Circuit Court against both the county and the City of Detroit. The firm is asking for entirely new elections to be held, citing “massive fraud in the election vote-counting procedures.” (Related: “Glitch” in Michigan county gives Biden an extra 6,000 votes – similar anomalies found in 47 other counties.)


The Trump campaign and the Georgia Republican Party filed a lawsuit alleging that the Chatham County Board of Elections did not properly sort valid and ineligible ballots. Therefore, they are asking a judge to toss out 53 ballots that a Republican poll watcher alleges arrived at the ballot counting center after polls closed at 7 p.m. on Election Day. The judge dismissed the case, and the chairman of the county’s Board of Elections denied that the 53 ballots in question arrived after the deadline.


The Trump campaign, supported by two Arizona Republicans working independently, filed a lawsuit against Maricopa County, which leans heavily Democratic, alleging that a considerable number of Republican voters were given Sharpie permanent markers by ballot officials. This caused these ballots to be flagged as defective by vote tabulation machines. Poll workers then simply overrode the warnings and allowed the votes to be tossed out. The lawsuit alleges that there might be thousands of ballots improperly processed because of this.

Maricopa County officials are challenging the “factual basis” of the lawsuit. However, they have admitted that Sharpie markers are preferred by the county’s Board of Elections.

A hearing on the issue has yet to be scheduled, but the Trump campaign has already filed another lawsuit against Maricopa County, alleging that many ballots were improperly rejected.

It remains to be seen what will become of the currently ongoing lawsuits. The Trump campaign is hoping that at least one of these cases will make its way up to the Supreme Court, where the conservative majority will no doubt cast a ruling in favor of the Republican Party.

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