Trump Campaign Points to Voter Fraud in Georgia

Trump Campaign Points to Voter Fraud in Georgia 1

The Trump Campaign posted a news release outlining at least four people who are deceased but who also registered to vote this year. A woman named Deborah Jean Christiansen from Roswell Georgia died in May of 2019, but someone still registered to vote for her on Oct. 5.

A deceased man named James Blalock from Covington, Georgia, reportedly cast a ballot last week. Blalock died in 2006. There were two other examples also listed in the news release.

The Trump campaign cited voter records and death notices to back up their claims. Georgia’s Secretary of State didn’t answer requests for comment on the allegations.

This, as Biden is leading in the state by less than three-tenths of a percentage point. And the Senate race is now also under the microscope after a run-off election was triggered. Some Democrats, including former presidential candidate Andrew Yang, suggested that out-of-state liberals move to Georgia to help in the campaign for the Senate races.

If two Democrats manage to flip Senate seats, that could mean a Democrat majority in the Senate. Yang wrote on Twitter that he and his wife were moving to Georgia to help campaign for voting the two Republicans out.

Democrat state representative and Trump Supporter Vernon Jones also pointed out that some Democrat supporters were encouraging people to move to Georgia to vote in the run-off, which may be illegal. He wrote on Twitter that such action would “undermine the integrity of our election,” calling on Georgia’s governor to outlaw it.

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