Trump, RNC Raised $86 Million Online for Efforts to Investigate Election Integrity

Trump, RNC Raised $86 Million Online for Efforts to
Investigate Election Integrity 1

Former President Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee (RNC) in the last 37 days of 2020 raised $86 million online, according to a filing with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) on Friday. The president’s legal team at the time was calling for supporters to donate to the campaign’s efforts to seek investigations to ensure the integrity of the 2020 election.

The amount raised was in addition to the $207.5 million the Trump Make America Great Again Committee raised in the 19 days after election day, according to Bloomberg. That figure does not include all contributions made to various Trump committees or the RNC.

The Trump Make America Great Again Committee is a joint fundraising committee for small-dollar donors donating to the Trump campaign, the RNC, and from Nov. 18, the Save America PAC—Trump’s new political action committee that was set up to fund his post-presidency activities.

Most of the money raised since Nov. 24—$68 million—was via WinRed, a Republican online contribution platform.

The Trump campaign raised $14.1 million, while the RNC raised $3.5 million. Save America raised $501,224 and Trump Victory, which focuses on big donors, raised only $24,965.

Fundraising solicitations that the committee pushed on Jan. 6, the day some Trump supporters and others stormed the Capitol building, said that 75 percent of small amount donations from that day would go to Save America, while the rest would go to the RNC.

Detailed annual reports of fundraising totals and the final destination of funds from both the committee and the RNC are due to the FEC this Sunday.

Trump To Be ‘Actively Involved’

Rather than parting ways with the RNC, as some pundits had suggested, Trump has voiced his support for helping Republicans take back the House in the 2022 midterms.

Corey Lewandowski, who managed Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, has also said that Trump won’t form a separate party, after there were rumors and reports saying he might start his own “Patriot Party.”

“I don’t think the president has any interest in being part of a third party,” he said.

“The president continues to have enormous support and approval among Republican primary voters. He continues to have hundreds of millions of dollars in his campaign account, which he can utilize. And he will continue to be actively involved in recruiting candidates and holding elected officials accountable for their votes,” he told Fox News on Jan. 28.

Trump’s political team disavowed any affiliation with a newly formed political committee called the MAGA Patriot Party last week.

“We are not supportive of this effort, have nothing to do with it, and only know about it through public reporting,” campaign adviser Jason Miller told The Epoch Times on Jan. 25 via text message.

Zachary Stieber and Jack Phillips contributed to this report.

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