Trump Says ‘We Have to Stop’ Democrat-Led Election Reform Bill: Jason Miller

Trump Says ‘We Have to Stop’ Democrat-Led Election Reform
Bill: Jason Miller 1

Former President Donald Trump, via his adviser, warned against an election reform bill that is currently being pushed by some Democratic lawmakers.

“We have to stop this. We cannot let this go through,” Trump said in reference to H.R. 1, according to Jason Miller, in an interview on “War Room Pandemic.”

H.R. 1, also known as the “For the People Act,” passed the House largely along party lines in March, and it would widen access to voting by expanding voter registration, mail-in balloting, early voting, and include election security measures. Due to the fillibuster, which requires a 60-vote majority, H.R. 1 faces a major hurdle in being passed by the Senate.

“’The media wants to forget what happened in 2020. I haven’t, and we have a lot of work we have to do.’ He said that,” Miller also said on the Steve Bannon-hosted program. “He said, ‘The media might want to forget what happened in 2020. I haven’t. We’re not going to forget what happened, and we got to stop this bill.”

But Democrats, including Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.), said the bill is a “sweeping anti-corruption and pro-democracy legislative package” that “will protect and expand voting rights, restore integrity to government, and put the needs and priorities of the American people ahead of special interests.”

Other Democrats, including Rep. John Sarbanes (D-Md.), have said the bill will “[reaffirm] Congress’ authority to regulate money in politics, pushing back on the Supreme Court’s wrong-headed Citizens United decision.”

Trump has spoken once in public since he left office on Jan. 20 and has mostly communicated via email after Twitter suspended his account.

During an appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference late last month, Trump used critical words to describe H.R. 1.

“Democrats in Congress are racing to pass a flagrantly unconstitutional attack on the First Amendment and the integrity of our elections known as H.R. 1. Do you know what H.R. 1 is? It’s a disaster,” the former president told an audience on Feb. 28.

“Their bill would drastically restrict political speech, empower the federal government to shut down dissent, and turn the Federal Election Commission into a partisan political weapon. In addition, it virtually eliminates voter ID requirements nationwide … Effectively ends all registration deadlines,” Trump added. “Can you believe this?”

Other Republicans have issued similar warnings in recent days.

But at the state level, 43 states have carried over, pre-filed, or introduced more than 250 bills to restrict voting access as of late last month, according to the left-leaning Brennan Center for Justice. More than 700 bills have been pushed to expand voting rights in 43 states, the organization found.

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