Trump Would Win Election if Held Today, Majority of Americans Blame Biden for Afghanistan: Poll

Trump Would Win Election if Held Today, Majority of
Americans Blame Biden for Afghanistan: Poll 1

President Joe Biden is having a terrible week.

It’s largely due to his own incompetence, of course, and the American public appears to agree. Even the normally fawning media complex has turned on him over the events that unfolded in Afghanistan over the weekend and, according to new polling, were the contentious 2020 election to be held again today, former President Donald Trump would likely be the victor.

A Rasmussen Reports telephone and online survey released on Wednesday, conducted between Monday and Tuesday amid the fiery fallout of the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul on Sunday, found that 51 percent of likely voters blamed Biden more for the horrific disaster, compared to 38 percent who said Trump is more to blame.

Fifteen percent were unsure which was more at fault.

Meanwhile, The National Pulse reported just 37 percent said they would vote for Biden, the most popular presidential candidate in U.S. history, were the election held again today. Biden beat out Trump in 2020 by securing over 51 percent of the vote (though the Trump camp, of course, would beg to differ).


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Forty-three percent said they would vote for Trump, while a disillusioned 14 percent said they would vote for “some other candidate,” although none were specified.

Nine percent of Democrats admitted they regretted their 2020 vote.

The survey was conducted among 1,000 likely U.S. voters by Rasmussen Reports. It had a margin of sampling error of +/- 3 percentage points and a 95 percent confidence level.


Do you blame Biden for the failure in Afghanistan?

Yes: 100% (2 Votes)

No: 0% (0 Votes)

This is bad news for Biden. His administration has had one disaster after another, to be sure. From the border crisis to rising inflation and gas prices to slower-than-promised advancements with the national vaccine program, it’s been one big dumpster fire.

But the pullout of troops in Afghanistan was clearly too much for voters, who in these highly divided times largely all agree that Islamic insurgency groups make for terrible governors of any nation — much less one we invested nearly $1 trillion to try to rebuild, only to watch it return instantly to its pre-intervention state in a flash, leaving a generation of Afghans who grew up free facing life under the new repressive regime as the U.S. scrambles to evacuate American personnel and targeted pro-U.S. Afghans alike.

Yeah … it’s a disaster, and Biden can’t hide behind the rosy lenses of the friendly establishment media complex this time around.

Although the president claimed during an address to the nation on Monday that “the buck stops with me,” the rest of his comments indicated he clearly didn’t want the American public to think the buck did, in fact, stop with him, and he largely blamed Trump for the poorly coordinated pull-out.

“I am president of the United States and the buck stops with me,” Biden said. “I am deeply saddened by the facts we now face, but I do not regret my decision to end America’s war-fighting in Afghanistan and maintain a laser-focus on our counterterrorism mission there and in other parts of the world.”


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Biden claimed on Monday that he’d been faced with only two options: to move forward with Trump’s peace agreement with the Taliban or to send more troops and escalate violence as the U.S. was trying to pull out.

He also blamed Afghan forces for not being willing to stand and fight for their own country, and Afghan allies of the U.S. for remaining hopeful and thus, not being evacuated on time.

So clearly, the buck didn’t stop with him by his estimation, but the voters don’t seem to be buying it.

With Trump out of office, there’s only so much longer that Democrats can blame him for everything and, as Biden faces criticism from his own side, it seems the magic has already worn out of that excuse.

With four years of Trump to compare with Biden’s already disastrous first term, it’s likely that remorse over voting for Biden will only continue to grow if his current streak of completely failing our nation keeps up.

And 2024 is right around the corner.

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