Twitter Censors Factual Information about Anti-White Critical Race Theory Posted by Conservative Activist Group

Twitter Censors Factual Information about Anti-White
Critical Race Theory Posted by Conservative Activist Group 1

Twitter has censored factual information about anti-white critical race theory, which has enraged parents throughout the country for its marxist, anti-American dogma meant to fuel division and hate across America.

The Center for Renewing America (CRA) was censored after they posted a toolkit giving parents truthful and accurate information about critical race theory. Conservative Partnership Institute policy director Rachel Bovard noted this was done at the behest of the Soros-funded special interest group, Media Matters.

Bovard noted how Big Tech’s orwellian censorship tactics are a bigger threat to freedom of speech and the 1st Amendment than any government entity these days:

The CRA has many tools on their website to help activists oppose the teaching of critical race theory in their localities. It includes an essential reading list, a framework of jargon commonly used by this racist curriculum’s practitioners, a primer on the evil and laughably false 1619 Project, and some of the worst examples of the curriculum in action

“The Center for Renewing America knows that in order to revitalize the American spirit and restore our great nation, this far-left ideology must be defeated. We are committed to that mission and stand ready with millions of citizens to stop this radical cultural revolution,” the group wrote on their website.

Big League Politics has reported on how many states are pushing back against critical race theory:

Columbia University professor John McWhorter is urging for parents to pull their kids out of a prominent prep school in Bergen County, NJ over critical race theory being taught at the school.

McWhorter praised teacher Dana Stangel-Plowe, who resigned from Dwight-Englewood school over her principled opposition to critical race theory. He is calling for parents to pull their kids out of the school until the administrators are held accountable and forced to ditch the curriculum.

“All hail Dana Stangel-Plowe, who has resigned from the Dwight-Englewood school, which teaches students ‘antiracism’ that sees life as nothing but abuse of power, and teaches that cringing, hostile group identity against oppression is the essence of a self,” said McWhorter, who also works as a writer for The Atlantic magazine, in a tweet.

“Truly antiracist parents, in the name of love of their kids, should pull them from the Dwight-Englewood school as of next fall,” McWhorter added. “Only this will arrest these misguided Elect parishioners from their quest to forge a new reality for us all.”

Stangel-Plowe blasted the racist curriculum when she publicly announced her resignation due to her opposition to critical race theory.

“[S]tudents arrive in my classroom accepting this theory as fact: People born with less melanin in their skin are oppressors, and people born with more melanin in their skin are oppressed,” Stangel-Plowe wrote. “Men are oppressors, women are oppressed, and so on. This is the dominant and divisive ideology that is guiding our adolescent students.”

She explained that indoctrinated students now “recoil from a poem because it was written by a man” and “approach texts in search of the oppressor” because this poison has been drilled into their brains by abusive teachers.”

It is clear that Big Tech is fully behind this agenda to push anti-white racism. This is quickly reaching proto-genocide levels, and the West will not survive unless the human vermin pushing these low IQ ideologies out of jealousy and entitlement are firmly rebuked.

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