Twitter Censors Video About Moms And Inflation As ‘Sensitive Content’

Twitter Censors Video About Moms And Inflation As ‘Sensitive
Content’ 1

Twitter censored Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s video depicting the impacts of rising inflation, a day after a negative report sent the stock market tumbling.

Inflation surged 5.4 percent in the 12 months leading up to June, according to the Department of Labor. This marked the quickest surge in the last 13 years, since August 2008.

McCarthy’s tweet, titled “A Mom’s Morning in Joe Biden’s America,” was slapped with a “sensitive content” label when it premiered Wednesday. It shows a mother performing various household tasks, pointing out the prices that accompany them.

The video is currently still available on YouTube and on McCarthy’s website.

“Democrats’ disastrous policies are causing inflation  – which is a tax increase on every American,” said Mark Bednar, a spokesman for McCarthy. “While the American people see higher prices for the things they regularly buy, Twitter doesn’t want you to see information about it.

“Leader McCarthy’s video about inflation (in the press release below) was given a ‘sensitive content’ warning by Twitter,” he added. “Why are they hiding the truth about inflation from the American people?”

Twitter did not immediately respond to The Federalist’s request for comment on what exactly is sensitive about the video.

While McCarthy’s office has raised concerns about big tech — unveiling a framework in June — it is unclear how this bodes with Republicans’ legislative inaction when former President Donald Trump was banned by Twitter and other platforms.


A Twitter spokesman told The Federalist, “We marked this Tweet as sensitive in error, and have since reversed that action.”

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