Twitter Says It Banned Election Audit Accounts for 'Spam'

Twitter Says It Banned Election Audit Accounts for
'Spam' 1

Twitter is claiming that the real reason it banned six accounts dedicated to the audit of 2020 election ballots in Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Nevada and Pennsylvania is because the accounts were “spamming” the platform.

The banned accounts included @ArizonaAudit, @Audit_PA, @AuditGeorgia, @AuditNevada, @AuditWisconsin, and @AuditWarRoom.

The bans came on on the same day that Congress began its partisan, Democrat-led Jan 6th proceedings, a day after PayPal announced it would work with law enforcement to monitor “extremists,” and a day after an online counter-terrorism organization of which Twitter is a member announced it would shift its focus from Islamic extremism to the “far right.”

A spokeswoman for the company claimed that the accounts were “permanently suspended for violating the Twitter rules on platform manipulation and spam.”

Twitter’s rules state that operating multiple accounts with overlapping use cases, such as identical or similar personas or substantially similar content, is prohibited.

As Breitbart News reported yesterday, the bans came as Republicans intensify efforts to audit ballots in 2020 swing states.

The suspensions came a day after the Republican head of the Wisconsin Assembly’s election committee promised a “comprehensive, forensic examination” of ballots in the presidential election.

Via AP:

“The Republican head of the Wisconsin Assembly elections committee said Monday she will ensure there is a “comprehensive, forensic examination” of ballots cast in the 2020 presidential election at the same time the state’s nonpartisan audit bureau conducts a review.

The broadened investigation comes amid pressure from former President Donald Trump and other national Republicans to take a closer look in Wisconsin, a state President Joe Biden won by just over 20,000 votes.”

It also came a day after Rep. Anthony Sabatini, a Florida state representative and Republican candidate for Congress, called for an election audit in Florida’s five largest counties, citing an “all-time low” of voter confidence in the integrity of American elections.

The spokeswoman did not explain how the election audit accounts, each of which focused on individual states, were “substantially similar” or “overlapping.”

Multiple organizations including the Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian parties operate multiple accounts dedicated to the politics of particular states. Black Lives Matter and other far-left activist movements also maintain accounts focused on particular states, that post similar content.

Allum Bokhari is the senior technology correspondent at Breitbart News. He is the author of #DELETED: Big Tech’s Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal The Election.

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