Two Arrested For Stealing Packages While Handing Out Flyers For Georgia Dem Senate Candidates

Two Arrested For Stealing Packages While Handing Out Flyers
For Georgia Dem Senate Candidates 1

Two people were arrested in Augusta, Georgia for allegedly stealing packages.

What were they doing when they were arrested?

Handing out flyers for Georgia Democrat Senate candidates Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, according to AugustaCrime:

Two people handing out flyers for the Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff campaigns have been arrested for stealing packages from homes in Columbia County.

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Cesar Guerrero and Santina Walker confessed to taking packages Tuesday and Wednesday while performing their job of handing out political flyers for the two Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate, authorities said.

Deputies were dispatched Wednesday to the area of Chastain Drive in reference to a suspicious situation. A deputy conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that was possibly involved in a package theft. Investigators responded to the scene and found several packages in the trunk of the vehicle driven by Walker. Known thefts occurred on Millhaven Road, Colonial Road, Paisley Lane and Herrington Drive.

They confessed to the package theft.

But not before one of them punched an officer in the head, according to the warrant:

Both suspects confessed. Officers obtained four misdemeanor theft by taking warrants for each offender and a felony obstruction warrant for Guerrero for punching a deputy multiple times in the head while being taken into custody.

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