TWO FRONTS: Ellis Says Sidney Powell Will Build Case Against Dominion While Campaign Exposes Democrat Voter Fraud

TWO FRONTS: Ellis Says Sidney Powell Will Build Case Against
Dominion While Campaign Exposes Democrat Voter Fraud 1

In an appearance on Newsmax TV on Monday, senior advisor to President Donald Trump’s legal team Jenna Ellis explained that the campaign’s legal team is focused on proving demonstrable physical fraud in Philadelphia, Detroit, and other big cities, while Trump-adjacent attorney Sidney Powell intends to launch her own case against Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic.

Appearing on the heels of the news that the Third Circuit Court has granted emergency proceedings for the Trump campaign’s lawsuit, paving the way for the campaign’s strategy to reach the Supreme Court as fast as possible, Ellis explained the logic behind allowing Powell to conduct an independent investigation while the campaign proceeds legally.

“Sidney’s been a great friend of mine, and ultimately the legal team was looking at two different directions,” said Ellis, before clarifying that focusing on election official fraud would be the faster path to victory. “Sidney is very much focusing on Dominion Voting Systems, and that’s going to be a much longer strategy, and that’s going to be something that she’s investigating.”

“Rudy and I, and the other members of the legal team, our focus is looking at the election official fraud,” she added. “You have these election officials that have just completely disregarded election law in their state.”

“We do have a very narrow window here before December 14, which is when the Electoral College votes, to make sure that we can get this strategy through.” She added, “I think there are very significant questions on Dominion, why we have 28 states that have their voting system. I think that’s something the legislature should contemplate, and I hope Sidney is very successful in that one.”

When pressed by Newsmax TV host Greg Kelly, who noted that even left wing media and politicians have raised concerns about Dominion Voting Systems, Ellis clarified that she does believe there are large issues with Dominion, but the campaign will not have time to fully prepare the case against the organization before December 14, while noting that Sen. Klobuchar (D-MN) and Warren (D-MA) specifically complained about Dominion’s massive security flaws.

“I think that there are very significant questions that the American people deserve answers to, but that’s just going to take a little more time, so we are focused on behalf of the president and the campaign with the election official fraud,” she added.

“Just to clarify, we only have three lawsuits at this time. We’ll be bringing a few others in the coming days,” she added, “For all of the peanut gallery Democrats and reporters out there trying to attribute lawsuits that still deal with election integrity issues, and are brought by really well meaning people, they’re trying to attribute those to us when those are not on behalf of the campaign.”

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