TX AG Paxton: TX Dems 'Suppressing the Vote' by Traveling to DC — 'They're Just Delaying the Inevitable'

TX AG Paxton: TX Dems 'Suppressing the Vote' by Traveling to
DC -- 'They're Just Delaying the Inevitable' 1

Thursday on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton pointed out the hypocrisy of the more than 50 Texas state Democratic lawmakers who traveled on private jets to Washington, D.C., to prevent the passage of voter integrity laws.

Paxton said the group of lawmakers is doing “the very thing they’re complaining about” by preventing others from being able to vote. He added that they are “just delaying the inevitable” by running away from doing their job.

“The very thing they’re complaining about, supposedly suppressing the vote, they are actually stopping the vote of 181 legislators — there mere 50 running away from their responsibility, and they’re actually preventing other elected representatives from doing their jobs,” Paxton told host Maria Bartiromo. “So, if anyone is suppressing the vote, it’s these Democrats that have left the state and refuse to do their job.”

He later added, “I hope they’ll come back and get their job done so we can move on and make sure our elections are fair and that they’re protected. You know, they can stay away for a long time but eventually, they’ll either lose their position, or they’ll have to vote on this. So, they’re just delaying the inevitable.”

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