Tyrannical Michigan Democrats are now CRIMINALIZING anyone who questions the 2020 election outcome

Tyrannical Michigan Democrats are now CRIMINALIZING anyone
who questions the 2020 election outcome 1

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For four years, we were treated to a daily diet about how Donald Trump was a “tyrant,” an “authoritarian,” the reincarnation of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, and working establish a “police state” by maniacs and lunatics in the Democrat Party and the mainstream media (one and the same).

Yet after four years, not one constitutional right had been eliminated, Trump never threw anyone in jail for simply criticizing his administration, never spied on his political opponents like Barack Obama spied on him, and led the greatest economic recovery in the country’s history.

But now that actual tyranny is taking place and it’s the Democrat Party imposing it, the same garbage media that championed and pushed every lie handed them by the deep state now has nothing to say — because their political opponents are now being targeted again.

In Michigan, where Democrats are especially tyrannical, anyone who dared to question the outcome of the 2020 election for Joe Biden is now going to be deemed an enemy of the regime and sought out for political and legal retribution. And worse, there are some RINOs who are assisting in their party’s persecution.

Bridge Michigan reports:

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and state police will investigate allegations that unnamed individuals are making false claims about the 2020 election for personal profit, as requested by the Republican-led Senate Oversight Committee.

After reviewing the report prepared by Sen. Ed McBroom and colleagues, the department of attorney general “has accepted” the committee’s invitation to investigate, Nessel spokesperson Lynsey Mukomel told Bridge Michigan on Thursday. 

The Michigan State Police “is also assisting in the matter,” she added.

“The criminal investigation follows a nearly eight-month probe into election claims by the Senate Oversight Committee, which found no evidence of widespread systematic fraud in the Michigan election, contradicting claims by former President Donald Trump and his supporters,” the site added.

Rather, the Republican-led committee urged Nessel, a Democrat, to investigate “those who have been utilizing misleading and false information about Antrim County to raise money or publicity for their own ends.”

And of course, she’ll gladly comply. She, along with the tyrant-in-chief, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, did a sort of legal tag-team when it came to imposing and enforcing illegal and unconstitutional COVID-19 lockdowns, business closures, and restrictions. So going after supporters of President Trump is a no-brainer lay-up for Nessel.

“No one has free speech if they’re committing a crime, and committing fraud is a crime,” McBroom told Bridge Michigan last week.

“We found circumstantial, but substantial, evidence that some people were committing fraud and extorting people for money,” McBroom added. “It’s possible that we’re wrong, but we didn’t have the tools, the expertise or the mechanisms to explore that issue further.”

Well, other researchers found non-circumstantial, substantial evidence that voter fraud did, in fact, occur in several states…including Michigan, which Trump won in 2016 but somehow lost big time four years later.

“Volume 1 of the Navarro Report, The Immaculate Deception, assessed the fairness and integrity of the 2020 Presidential Election by identifying and assessing six key dimensions of alleged election irregularities. These irregularities included: outright fraud, ballot mishandling, a wide range of process fouls, multiple violations of the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause, voting machine irregularities, and statistical anomalies,” said an intro to Volume 3 of a trio of reports issued by former top Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro earlier this year.

“Volume 2 of the Navarro Report, The Art of the Steal, examined the institutional genesis of the six types of election irregularities. One key finding: The Democrat Party efforts to strategically game the election process across the six battleground states began years before, and in many cases, shortly after President Trump was elected in 2016,” it continued.

“A second key finding: the Democrat’s gaming of the election process was implemented through a two-pronged Grand ‘Stuff the Ballot Box’ Strategy designed to flood the six key battleground states with enough un-scrutinized and potentially illegal absentee and mail-in ballots to turn a decisive Trump victory into a narrow alleged Biden ‘win,’” the intro added.

The 2016 election was the first in our history to use widespread mail-in balloting, though prior research earlier this millennium proved voting in that manner invited massive fraud.

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