U. of Michigan-Dearborn Mandates Coronavirus Vaccination or Weekly Tests for Students

U. of Michigan-Dearborn Mandates Coronavirus Vaccination or
Weekly Tests for Students 1

The University of Michigan-Dearborn is mandating its students either get vaccinated for the Chinese coronavirus or undergo weekly tests to return to in-person classes for the fall semester.

“As we move into the summer and plan for our transitional fall semester, we will continue to be guided by key tenets of health and safety, academic excellence and equity across our community,” the university’s chancellor, Domenico Grasso, said in an email to students.

“We strongly encourage all members of the campus community to make a vaccination appointment as soon as possible,” the chancellor added. “Getting vaccinated will help us all get back to the activities we love more quickly.”

Therefore, the school is mandating that students either get vaccinated against the coronavirus, or provide documentation of a weekly negative coronavirus test.

“Students will be able to register for classes without meeting one of the two return to campus requirements. HOWEVER, documentation will be required to begin in-person classes in the fall,” the chancellor’s email read.

“International students who have received a vaccine other than one for which the FDA has granted Emergency Use Authorization; currently, Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson, will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis,” the email added.

The school’s Turning Point USA chapter president Gwen Roberts told Breitbart News that “a requirement for paperwork and documentation is ridiculous, and should be out of the question for students to attend their University, especially when we, in Michigan, have a philosophical exemption from school immunization.”

While the University of Michigan-Dearborn appears to be incentivizing students to get the vaccine by requiring tedious weekly coronavirus tests should they opt out of getting the jab, other institutions of higher learning have behaved in a more aggressive manner.

Columbia University recently announced it will mandate its students get coronavirus vaccines in order to return to in-person classes in the fall. Despite getting vaccinated, students will still be forced to wear masks and engage in “social distancing” on campus.

Last month, Rutgers University became the first major U.S. college to mandate the vaccine for its students when it announced that students would have to get one if they wanted to cease virtual learning and return to campus in the fall.

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