United Airlines Inserts Itself Into Political Arena, Condemns Voter Integrity Laws

United Airlines Inserts Itself Into Political Arena,
Condemns Voter Integrity Laws 1

First Delta, then American Airlines, now United Airlines.

United Airlines on Monday inserted itself into the political arena and condemned voter integrity laws.

The airlines and Major League Baseball are condemning Georgia based on lies about the state’s new voting laws.

Why are airlines getting involved in this matter?

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Georgia last week passed new voter integrity laws.

The new law requires a photo ID to obtain an absentee ballot.

The GOP-controlled Texas Senate last Thursday also passed an election integrity bill limiting mail-in and curbside voting.

Now airlines and other corporations are bludgeoning citizens and condemning the new laws passed by legislatures, the body closest to the people.

“Legislation that infringes on the right to vote of fellow Americans is wrong,” United said in a statement claiming there is “zero credible evidence of widespread fraud in US elections.”

“We believe that leaders in bother parties should work to protect the rights of eligible voters by making it easier and more convenient for them to cast a ballot and have it counted,” United said.

In order to board a United Airlines flight, people in the US must provide a valid form of ID and go through TSA screening which may include an invasive “pat down.”

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