‘Up-and-coming rapper’ charged with murder after triple homicide at Georgia golf course

‘Up-and-coming rapper’ charged with murder after triple
homicide at Georgia golf course 1

KENNESAW, GA – A 23-year-old man was arrested and charged with murder in connection with the triple homicide that took place at a golf course in Kennesaw back on July 3rd.

The suspect was reportedly also described as “up-and-coming rapper” that has nearly 19 thousand followers on Instagram.

On July 8th, authorities arrested 23-year-old Bryan “B Rod” Rhoden in Chamblee with the assistance from the U.S. Marshals Service, according to a statement from the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office.

Officials say that he’s been charged with three counts of murder, three counts of aggravated assault and two counts of kidnapping in connection with the triple murder that took place at the Pinetree Country Club in Kennesaw on July 3rd.

Reportedly, two of the victims killed that were discovered at the golf course, identified as 46-year-old Henry Valdez and 76-year-old Paul Pierson, had been kidnapped at a different location. Police say that Rhoden had bound their hands, legs, and mouths with tape before shooting them.

The third killing, authorities believe, happened when 46-year-old golf pro Eugene Siller happened to have stumbled upon Rhoden along the 10th hole at the course while witnessing “an active crime taking place”, according to officials:

“Detectives have learned that Mr. Siller happened upon a crime in progress involving the unknown suspect and the two deceased males who were found in the pickup truck. It does not appear Siller was in any way targeted, but rather was killed because he witnessed an active crime taking place.”

Investigators have not come forward with any information suggesting a motive in the killings and kidnappings, nor have they revealed what the connection is between the victims and the suspect in custody.

The only information that authorities have proclaimed with a degree of confidence is that they are positive that the suspect has no connection with the third victim, Siller.

What’s all the more interesting is that Rhoden was actually arrested hours after the July 3rd murders by the Chamblee Police Department, but on charges completely unrelated to the murders.

Chamblee Police were said to have taken Rhoden into custody on July 3rd for charges of DUI, driving a vehicle without insurance, false identification, and various other charges.

Police were also said to have noted finding a confiscating a sizeable amount of cash during that July 3rd arrest. 

Pictures from Rhoden’s Instagram account would often times show him flashing large bundles of money.

Rhoden reportedly bonded out of the DeKalb County Jail on those charges on July 6th – two days before he’d be arrested for the triple homicide.

Officials did not comment on whether Rhoden was a suspect for the triple murder at the time of him bailing out of the DeKalb County Jail for his July 3rd arrest.

Rhoden apparently has a history of arrests over the past five years.

Back in 2016, Rhoden was arrested for allegedly shooting a 19-year-old man during a drug deal at the parking lot of a residence hall at Georgia State University, where Rhoden was a student at GSU during the alleged incident.

Apparently, Rhoden was trying to sell the 19-year-old some drugs when he shot the man, identified as Shelton Flournoy II, three times and Flourney shot Rhoden once. Both survived the ordeal but were both potentially facing attempted murder charges.

However, the Fulton County district attorney’s office had decided to not proceed with prosecuting the case.

Rhoden also had two arrests in 2020, one in Georgia and one in Indiana. The Georgia arrest took place at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, where Atlanta Police who were working off a tip of suspected drug activity seized over $19,000 in cash that Rhoden had on him. K9 units reportedly detected the smell of marijuana on the money.

Rhoden had allegedly punched a drug unit officer in the face while trying to evade arrest but was eventually apprehended. He reportedly forfeited the money, but no charges were ever filed in the incident.

The Indiana arrest was for Rhoden allegedly leading police on a high-speed chase, with speeds reaching as high as 150 miles per hour.

This is an ongoing investigation.

Please follow Law Enforcement Today as we continue to gather further details on this developing case.

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In other reports related to recent arrests of suspects that find themselves with a lengthy arrest history, we at Law Enforcement Today reported on a man who has racked up five arrests since being released from prison. 

Here’s that previous report. 


ROCHESTER, NY – A now 27-year-old man, who was convicted of non-fatally shooting a Rochester Police officer when he was only 14, has been arrested a fifth time since he saw his release from prison back in 2019.

The suspect’s latest charges, according to reports, relate to what prosecutors say was a domestic violence incident.

Tyquan Rivera was hit with nine charges, including three felonies, on June 25th from an alleged domestic violence incident involving a former girlfriend that transpired on June 12th of 2020.

Prosecutors say that when the domestic violence incident occurred, Rivera was already bound by a protection order from the courts to stay away from the victim.

Chief of the Domestic Violence Bureau at the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office William Gargan noted the following about the charges, which include felony assault strangulation and felony contempt of court:

“Due to the number of counts, you can see this was a prolonged allegation of violence.”

“Anytime somebody is subject to the level of physical violence that she was, it is a process to heal. It is a process to heal physically, and emotionally. And I can tell you that I wouldn’t wish what happened to her on anybody.”

Back in 2009, when Rivera was 14-years-old, he was convicted as a youthful offender of attempted murder for wounding Rochester Police Officer Anthony DiPonzio in a shooting incident.

In July of 2016, Rivera was released on parole, but wound up violating parole in February of 2017 and remained in prison until his sentence expiration in February of 2019.

And since his February 2019 release, Rivera is now up to five arrests with his latest charges included.

In December of 2019, Rivera was arrested for allegedly selling fentanyl to two undercover police officers in Rochester in September, which officials stated Rivera’s arrest was part of a lengthy narcotics investigation where four others were arrested.

By January of 2020, bail reform in New York had kicked in, and Rivera was released from jail under the drug charges. His bail for that charge was originally set at $100,000 but Monroe County Judge Same Valleriani was left with no other option than to cut him loose in order to comply with state law.

In June of 2020, Rivera found himself in police custody for aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle after a motorcycle crashed into the driver’s side door of an SUV Rivera was allegedly driving.

The driver of the motorcycle did not survive the crash, but Rivera wasn’t charged with anything relating to the fatality in the incident as reports suggest the driver of the motorcycle may have been at fault.

In August of 2020, Rivera was arrested in Greece, New York when police attempted to detain him while they were investigating a report of a couple arguing at a residence off of Leonard Road.

Officers wound up having to tase Rivera when he refused to cooperate with officers, and he was subsequently charged with obstructing governmental administration and resisting arrest.

Then in October of 2020, Rivera was arrested over drug charges again. In Rochester, State Police had pulled Rivera for a traffic stop and allegedly found in his possession crack, fentanyl, cocaine and $11,000 in cash.

In each of those prior arrests, Rivera was able to be released from jail, which bail reform laws seem to be the root cause since each alleged offense falls under the scope of what the law covers.

However, Rivera’s ride on the bail reform train came to an abrupt stop on June 25th.

Judge Judy Sinclair agreed with prosecutors for his latest case that it was time to get some bail set if Rivera wants to walk out of jail again. Judge Sinclair set Rivera’s bail at $40,000 cash and $240,000 bond.

Prosecutor had reportedly honed in on the protective order that Rivera allegedly violated as a means to have bail be put on the table for his latest case. Judge Judith Sinclair scheduled Rivera’s trial to begin on November 8th.

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