UPDATE: Arizona Citizens Investigation Discovers Thousands of Phantom Voters in State – Up to 30% of Addresses in Investigation Were Fraudulent

UPDATE: Arizona Citizens Investigation Discovers Thousands
of Phantom Voters in State – Up to 30% of Addresses in
Investigation Were Fraudulent 1

Here is a
final report on the press conference
last night in Phoenix,
Arizona by Citizens Investigation that uncovered thousands of
illegal votes in the state.

Mathematician Bobby Piton supplied Liz Harris, the Director of
Citizens Investigation, and
We The People AZ Alliance
, a random sample of 3,900
questionable AZ voter names to check for residency from the latest
election in Arizona. This list represented all 5 categories of
voters (Republican, Democrat, etc.).

Bobby Piton
testified in the AZ State hearing
in late November about ghost
voters and other anomalies. He was banned by Twitter during his
compelling testimony. He has spent over 400 hours researching
abnormalities with voter names and registrations.

Liz Harris then rounded up several hundred patriot volunteers
who knocked on these doors looking to find what Piton calls
” and suspicious Undefined or “U” voters. They are
not eligible to vote for a variety of reasons. He estimated there
are 160,000 to 400,000 of these illegal voters in Arizona. The team
were able to visit 1,000 of the addresses in person and were often
harassed or threatened by the residents. They found 539
at these addresses. Additional results
are below.


Investigation Finds Votes Cast by:

  • Voters that are dead, verified no longer at that address
  • Several with the actual name “Unknown Voterâ€
  • Registered at commercial addresses, especially Church’s
  • Non-U.S. Citizens who denied voting
  • Felons who stated they can’t vote, others in jail for
  • Out of State residents who just don’t live in Arizona
  • Registered using Schools, car lots, and sports arena’s
  • 65 using the AZ Tabulation Center & Recorders Office as
    their address
  • Vacant lots at elderly villages (55 & over) and undeveloped
  • Wilderness addresses on Bureau of Land Management & State
    Trust land
  • Abandoned homes completely unlivable or boarded up
  • Street names that just do not exist in any Arizona records

Citizens Investigation held a Live press conference on Dec.
at the AZ State Capital to release some findings and
solicit more help (To volunteer just text 480-313-3924).

They found most AZ residents are horrified that a stranger or
strangers have registered to vote using their home address.
Several homeowners received multiple ballots (3, 4, 5),
with one who received 20 ballots at their home.

One business address received 200 ballots and another AZ
address is used by 2,012 people who registered to vote.

Within the first few days the Citizens Investigation had a couple
hundred affidavits that 2020 votes were not associated with their
registered address. Among other things, Piton found one
corner lot has 1,500 registered voters and the lot next to it has
1,000. It’s beyond suspicious that 2,500 voters are registered to
such a small area of land.

reported on the press conference results.

The AZ voter address verification project presented their
findings last night. They worked in groups of two. Each pair that
presented last night checked a list of between 100 and 200
names/addresses. Many addresses didn’t exist, were businesses,
schools, or churches. Five college campuses were checked, 60% or
more did not even attend the college listed as the address. Many
voters that could not be verified were listed at the same address.
This means the 30% is not even accurate. More than 30% of
addresses that were boots-on-the-ground verified by sworn affidavit
were fraudulent!
This is one project in one state. All
swing states need to be verified!


The door-knocking investigation confirms what Bobby Piton has
claimed about names that have
increased the voter rolls beyond the actual growth
Arizona’s new residents. They found people voting who are only
registered with initials, like “D.E.†for a first and last
name, or “J.B.B†that cast votes. They are seeing registrations
that switch up the first and middle names, or use a combination of
initials, first or middle names to produce multiple registrations.
These are all the same person but use birth dates only a few months
apart to avoid detection.

They’ve also found an unusual amount of voters tied to the
same phone number. In one instance of a verified phantom voter, one
cell phone number was registered to 19 registered voters, all with
different addresses. They then picked one of those 19 voters and
found that home phone is the same as 15 other registered voters,
none living in the same home, all with different names. This spider
web verifies a mess of fraudulent registrations and votes.


They looked at facilities in certain precincts that could not be
visited before the election because of Covid restrictions. They
looked at 110 voter profiles and a strange pattern emerged. Each
person had more than one tag for “Already Votedâ€. They were all
the same dates of Oct. 15th, 20th, and the 23rd. Records then show
they requested a ballot on October 29th, after already voting
several times. They were then tagged again as “Already Votedâ€
on November 25th, twenty two days after the election. Nov. 25th is
coincidentally the same day the 65 voters who registered using the
Maricopa County Tabulation Center address and County Recorders
address are documented as requesting ballots. This is the same time
Maricopa county was dragging out the counting of votes.


A list of voter registration for 5 Arizona colleges that provide
on campus student living were compiled. Each school happily
complied with help in cleaning up these voter lists. Each college
reviewed the lists and responded. It showed that 60% (or higher) of
the registered voters were not residents of student housing, nor
were they students of that school. This evidence has turned into a
larger project that will encompass all of the AZ colleges and is


Two female volunteers said:  â€œThe two of us
canvassed 119 addresses so far. We found 29 people who had moved.
We were unable to locate a new address for them. Almost all of
these voters were unknown to those living at the residence. We
talked to one person who was not a U.S. citizen and said they
didn’t vote, yet someone cast a ballot in their name and address.
We had 3 people whose relatives voted for them and signed the voter
form for them. We found 5 people who moved out of State who voted
in AZ, or someone voted for them. 4 people stated they did not
vote, one said she was in Covid isolation – yet votes were cast
for these people. One we talked with decided to vote in person at
the precinct. She was told she already voted and was offered a
provisional ballot, which she completed. She has no idea which
ballot was counted. To recap, there were 25 voters that we could
not verify any information at all on these people, even after
multiple attempts to find them. 48 locations had problems that we
could verify, meaning almost half of the addresses had

Another canvasser said: “I visited 326
addresses. I spoke with an actual person at 195 locations and have
written 60 affidavits with voter discrepancies. One Homeowner
stated she received 4 ballots in her name for this last election.
There were 4 addresses with deceased people, a daughter showed the
canvasser her dead fathers ballot that came in the mail. Yet a vote
was still cast in her dead Father’s name. 13 addresses were
vacant lots or abandoned homes. At 27 addresses the current
residents said: “I’ve never heard of that personâ€. There were
24 names associated with one address, which was an apartment
complex, but no apartment number. The complex management said if
USPS can’t determine the correct apartments mail slot, the mail
is supposed to be returned to sender. 11 locations had voter names
of “Unknown Voterâ€. â€

Two male canvassers said: “Over 5 days we
visited 122 homes in the East valley. We completed 43 affidavits
that represent 31 locations where no such person lived


VOLUNTEER or HELP: To help in Arizona with
voter integrity canvassing of addresses just text 480-313-3924.
Training is held daily at 7AM, 11AM, and 7PM. To help fund Bobby
Pitons research visit his GoFundMe

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UPDATE: Arizona Citizens Investigation Discovers Thousands of
Phantom Voters in State – Up to 30% of Addresses in Investigation
Were Fraudulent
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