Update: BLM Terrorist Convicted after Attack on Pro-Trump Protesters in Richmond, Virginia

Update: BLM Terrorist Convicted after Attack on Pro-Trump
Protesters in Richmond, Virginia 1


Back on November 1, 2020, thousands of people and hundreds of cars participated in a Trump car parade in Richomond, Virginia.
The Trump supporters paraded peacefully through Richmond until they ran into a criminal Black Lives Matter and Antifa mob at the General E. Lee Monument.

The Trump supporters were attacked by BLM. They ran into the roads to stop traffic – ripped people’s flags off their cars, threw things at people, and assaulted innocent people driving down a road.

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Local news in Richmond totally downplayed and lied about the violence. They reported to the world we shot at them, we ran them over, we instigated things; all total and complete lies.

The Gateway Pundit posted video at the time.

On Friday the Richmond Trump supporters got justice.

Mike Dickerson wrote us:

Demorrise Wyatt- a self described “BLM leader” was found guilty of misdemeanor assault for throwing a bottle at during the Trump Train.

Wyatt is like many of the people who inhabit Monument Avenue now- a multiple-time felon, on active probation, in and out of jail his whole life, in general, the kind of person we need laws to protect us from. He also shows signs of being mentally ill (in my opinion) the kind of person who thinks that by “occupying” public land he is “reclaiming” it.

Hopefully, this conviction will trigger a probation violation and he will be sent back to jail.

His lawyer, Ms. Tafti, made the typical far-left legal defense that is far too frequent now. That the defendant was emotional, angry, and frustrated by seeing the Trump Train so he acted out throwing something at me. That somehow I shared the blame because how dare I drive down a public street somewhere it may offend BLM and Antifa. How dare I hold an opinion that differs from BLM. How dare I say something that causes BLM members to have a violent response!

It was a complete joke.

LAW AND ORDER prevails. I stand up for the police and law and order. I fight BLM in court and WIN!!

Vote for me for the 68th seat in the House of Delegates- and I promise you – I will bring this fight to the legislature EVERY DAY!

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