USEFUL: Georgia Sec of State Unwittingly Provides Legal Basis For Congress To Nullify State’s Electoral Votes

USEFUL: Georgia Sec of State Unwittingly Provides Legal
Basis For Congress To Nullify State’s Electoral Votes 1

Unwittingly or not, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R), cryptically provided justification for the US Congress to nullify Georgia’s slate of Electors to the Electoral college in his announcement of a signature match audit of Cobb County in his state.

Raffensperger announced the audit after claims of voter fraud, just a very few claims of vote fraud his office has taken action on.

The Secretary of State told reporters Monday that he launched the audit in order to restore Georgians’ faith in the election.

Describing himself as a “conservative Constitutional Republican”,  a claim many of his Republican colleagues in elected office have disputed given his lack of action to date on protecting the Constitution amid a sea of voter fraud and ballot tampering in his state, Raffensperger said his goal is to “make our elections accurate.”

Raffensperger again refused to acknowledge the existence of the mountain of evidence pointing to vote fraud and ballot tampering in his state.

He went on to say he would be working on a “third party signature match statewide audit study” that would be produced in coordination with an accredited university.

He also indicated that his office is currently working with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, “to conduct a signature match audit in Cobb County following specific reports that the county failed to adequately conduct signature matching. This audit will take around two weeks but will not change the outcome of the November elections.”

A determination that the Cobb County vote was flawed or affected by vote fraud or ballot tampering would suggest other counties suffered the same malfeasance and, thus, open an avenue for the whole of the state’s slate of Electors to be rejected by the joint session of Congress that tallies the Electoral College Certificates of Certification from each state.

The Certificates of Certification of the vote, attested to by the seated slate of Electors from each state, will be received and voted on in Washington, DC, on January 6, 2021. It is at this time the Electoral College elects the President and Vice President of the United States.

It is also at this time that challenges to the certificates will be submitted. Should one US Representative and one US Senator object, then a series of debates and procedures would then play out if there is enough approval from members of the joint session. This could potentially lead to a contingent election, and an almost certain second term for President Donald Trump.

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