VICTORY: Arizona Senate Will Hold Official Legislative Hearing Into Election Fraud, Complete With Subpoena Power

VICTORY: Arizona Senate Will Hold Official Legislative
Hearing Into Election Fraud, Complete With Subpoena Power 1

The Arizona Senate will hold an official legislative hearing on election integrity complete with subpoena power on Friday morning, National File understands.

Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem made the announcement regarding the legislative hearing to be held in the Senate on Thursday morning.

The Arizona Senate Judiciary Committee will “take testimony (and issue subpoenas as deemed appropriate) regarding election integrity) from 9AM on Friday morning, Finchem revealed in a tweet.

This would mark a significant step in the election integrity process. A previous hearing, in which President Trump’s legal team participated, involved multiple witnesses and serious analysis of the election, but did not have the full powers that a legislative hearing could provide, most notably the power to subpoena, and the requirement for sworn testimony.

The hearing would likely have been called by Arizona Senate President Karen Fann. National File understands that only her and Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers have the power to do so in their respective chambers. Bowers had been subject to serious criticism, following comments that showed a poor understanding of the Constitution, along with a lack of committment to calling the hearing.

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Finchem’s announcement follows repeated calls for a full legislative hearing from Dr Kelli Ward, the chairman of the Arizona GOP, who has been consistently doing so since last week. Ward had argued that a full legislative hearing with subpoena powers will not “interefere with any legal cases,” and should therefore happen as soon as possible.

Only minutes before State Representative Finchem revealed the timing of the hearings, Ward reacted to a post from State Senator-Elect Wendy Rogers about the possibility of an incoming legislative hearing, and encouraged the hearings to take place today.

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National File reported on Wednesday that Arizona had become the 18th state to join Texas in their SCOTUS lawsuit against Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin, for their alleged violation of their electoral processes, most notably regarding mail-in ballots, that allowed widespread voter fraud to take place.

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