VIDEO: 351,000 Votes To Recall Newsom Disappear From Count During CNN’s Election Coverage

VIDEO: 351,000 Votes To Recall Newsom Disappear From Count
During CNN’s Election Coverage 1

While CNN provided live coverage of the California Recall election for Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom, Americans at home noticed that over 350,000 “Yes” votes suddenly disappeared from the vote count.

351,000 “Yes” votes suddenly disappeared from the vote count while CNN was doing live coverage of the California Recall election for Governor Gavin Newsom, a new video, originally reported by Gateway Pundit, shows.

In the middle of the CNN coverage, the “Yes” vote count was 2,225,915, in favor of removing Governor Newsom. Then, all of a sudden, the “Yes” vote count dropped to 1,874,296 in an instant. However, Americans at home noticed the phenomena and posted videos about it online.

“This happened during the 2020 presidential election too. Notice, it ALWAYS only affects Trump supporters and Republicans. Must be a coincidence, right?” reported Gateway Pundit.

National File Senior Reporter Patrick Howley had previously reported on the massive evidence of voting problems that had already been pouring out from the California recall election, in which Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom could have faced expulsion from office. Republican Candidate Larry Elder was the leading candidate to replace Newsom if a majority of voters had cast their ballot to send Newsom packing. But the massive voting problems have now led to intense scrutiny of the legitimacy of the election. Some voters showed up at the polls and were told that they had already voted in the election when they hadn’t.

In one particularly alarming case, National File reported on the 300 California Recall mail-In ballots found in the vehicle of a passed out felon in late August. The Torrance Police department announced that upwards of 300 California recall election ballots were discovered in the vehicle. “The two questions are: How did the ballots end up in his car, and what was his intent with those ballots?” said Torrance Police department spokesman Sgt. Mark Ponegalek.

In another instance, one man was even caught on tape dropping off ballots at a California ballot box for the gubernatorial recall election and admitting that he put in “three” ballots and that he “voted no three times,” as National File reported. “I’m putting in three but I’m not ballot harvesting,” the man said. “I voted no three times,” the man added, referring to the California gubernatorial recall election. “No” represents a vote against the recall of Gavin Newsom — thus, the man voted for Newsom three times, according to his statement. He also said that he broke his Xerox machine.

Ahead of the recall election, security videos were making rounds online depicting a “huge pile” of US Postal Service mail being dumped from a rental truck near Serobian’s spa in California. “The report comes as some worry about mail-in ballots ahead of November’s election, as well as the Postal Service seeing mail delays in California. Democrats have pushed for mail-in ballots to be utilized this election, citing coronavirus fears. President Trump, however, has said that voting by mail is open to corruption and a delay in the final tally,” reported the Washington Examiner.

As all the evidence of election fraud continued to mount prior to the Recall election, President Trump predicted that it would be rigged in favor of Governor Newsom. “People don’t realize that, despite the Rigged voting in California (I call it the “Swarming Ballots”), I got 1.5 Million more votes in 2020 than I did in 2016,” wrote President Trump. “The place is so Rigged, however, that a guy who can’t even bring water into their State, which I got federal approval to do (that is the hard part), will probably win.”

President Trump added, “Billions of gallons of water coming to California from the North is being sent out to sea, rather than being spread throughout the State. This is to protect the tiny delta smelt, which is doing far worse now without the water. In any event, it all doesn’t matter because the California Election is totally Rigged. Many people are already complaining that when they go to vote they are told, ‘I’m sorry, you already voted’ (Just like 2020, among many other things). They then leave angry, but fortunately, even the Fake News Media has been reporting it.”

Ultimately, official results say that 63.9% of voters wanted to keep Newsom, amounting to 5,840,283 votes, while 36.1% voted to recall him, amounting to 3,297,145 votes.

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