VIDEO: Alex Jones, Nick Fuentes Lead Stop The Steal Rally At Georgia State Capitol

VIDEO: Alex Jones, Nick Fuentes Lead Stop The Steal Rally At
Georgia State Capitol 1

Radio and television host Alex Jones and paleoconservative livestreamer Nick Fuentes appeared in Atlanta, Georgia to lead a Stop The Steal Rally at the State Capitol on Wednesday, and both men received a hero’s welcome from the patriotic Americans gathered in attendance.

Jones arrived in the trademark InfoWars armored vehicle and told supporters via megaphone, “We’re not going to let them steal this great state.”

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Jones and Fuentes then led the crowd inside the capitol building.

After leaving the building, Jones continued to speak to the crowd via megaphone.

Jones also appeared in Maricopa County, Arizona in November to lead a protest for fair elections:

“You have awakened the sleeping giant,” Jones told the crowd over a handheld megaphone. “Burn in hell Joe Biden, burn in hell Bill Gates, burn in hell Fauci, America is awake and we are never backing down, and I want to salute these amazing people out here today in defiance of tyranny, you are amazing.”

Jones also led citizens in a chant of “Biden for prison” before noting that the current situation is just as crucial to to the preservation of the United States of America as the Colonial Revolution in 1776.

“America is fighting for its life, and the moment we are in is just as important as 1776, July Fourth,” Jones stated.

We’re watching you leftist scum, and we are fully aware of what you have done, and you have summoned your own destruction,” Jones thundered. “The enemy fears 1776, they fear you, they fear freedom, they fear justice.”

A larger rally in Georgia is planned for this Saturday.

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