VIDEO: Michigan Senate Majority Leader Says Jan 6 Capitol Hill Breach Was ‘Staged’ And ‘Pre-Arranged’

VIDEO: Michigan Senate Majority Leader Says Jan 6 Capitol
Hill Breach Was ‘Staged’ And ‘Pre-Arranged’ 1

In a damning secretly recorded video, Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey was caught saying that the January 6 Capitol takeover was “staged” and “pre-arranged.” He also said that Republican Senator Mitch McConnell “was a part of it.”

In the video, an unknown individual asks Shirkey about the events that occured in DC on January 6. “Thats been a hoax since day one, that was all pre-arranged,” replied Shirkley.

He then admits that the violent actors came in separately from the rest of the crowd. “They came in on separate buses, that was all, you know, you know, arranged by somebody who was funding them,” said Shirkey. “Why wasn’t there more security? It was ridiculous, it was ridiculous, it was all staged.”

When asked if DC Mayor Muriel Bowser had any influence in the situation, Shirkey said that “she’s just a puppet.”

Shirkey also said that Republican Senator Mitch McConnell “was a part of it.”

“He was the one that was part of the decision making on how much security they had on staff. I think he wanted to have a mess,” said Shirkey.

The full hour-long video was posted on YouTube by the Hillsdale County Republican Party. At some point in the conversation, Shirkey admitted that the protest “wasn’t Trump people.”

Shirkey has faced scrutiny for his comments, prompting him to release an apologetic public statement.

“I said some things in a videoed conversation that are not fitting for the role I am privileged to serve,” the statement said. “I own that. I have many flaws. Being passionate coupled with an occasional lapse in restraint of tongue are at least two of them,” said Shirkey.

In another statement, Shirkey added that “I frankly don’t take back any of the points I was trying to make.”

Shirkey’s shocking admissions raise more questions concerning the January 6 protests, the Senate’s unconstitutional electoral college certification of Joe Biden shortly thereafter, and the recent failed attempt at impeaching President Donald Trump for a second time.

As National File reported, an alleged January 6 “insurrectionist” with ties to the conservative group known as the Oath Keepers, is actually a high-level FBI official with a top secret security clearance, according to a court motion filed by his legal team.

Readers should also note that it was reported that President Trump ordered 10,000 National Guard troops to provide security in DC prior to January 6, to which the Pentagon refused

“And [Trump] goes, ‘You’re going to need 10,000 people.’ No, I’m not talking bullshit. He said that. And we’re like, ‘Maybe. But you know, someone’s going to have to ask for it.’” At that point Miller remembered the president telling him, “‘You do what you need to do. You do what you need to do.’ He said, ‘You’re going to need 10,000.’ That’s what he said. Swear to God.

Among the many Americans who sustained injuries at the hands of law enforcement that day, Ashli Babbitt, a 14-year Air Force veteran, was executed by DC Police on January 6 during the Capitol Hill civil unrest, as National File reported.

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